Pottstown Commission/Committee/Board Vacancies

Upcoming vacancies as of January 1, 2010, please send letters of interest to the Borough Manager.

Blighted Property Review Committee – four – 1-year terms
Pottstown Borough Authority – one – 5-year term
Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority – one – 5-year term
Shade Tree Commission – one – 5-year term
Vacancy Board – one – 1-year term
Zoning Hearing Board – one – 3-year term

Pottstown Symphony Orchestra Schedule And More


Handel’s Messiah
(Orchestra with Sing-in) $15
Dec. 13th, 3pm
Trinity Reformed UCCC Hanover & King, Pottstown

Winter Instrumental Candlelight
Fri., Dec. 11th at 7:15
Center for the Arts (the Hill School)
Beech St., Pottstown

Winter Instrumental
Fri., Dec. 11th at 7:15pm
Center for the Arts
(The Hill School)

Candlelight Lessons & Carols
Sun., Dec, 13th – 4:30pm & 8pm
Alumni Memorial Chapel (the Hill School)
Beech St., Pottstown

The Nutcraker
Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance. Company
Sat., Dec 5 at 7:30pm or Sun., Dec. 6 at 2pm
Tickets: $20 adult, $15 student/seniors
Center for the Arts
(The Hill School)

Gallery on High/Gallery School of Pottstown 610-326-2506
The Hill School – Center for the Arts 610-705-1039
Pottstown Symphony Orchestra 610-327-1614
Tri-PAC/Village Productions 610-970-1199
Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance 610-323-2569

Pottstown Christmas Decorations

People have taken advantage of the milder weather and outdoor Christmas decorations are popping up all over the Pottstown area.

Driving through downtown tonight I noticed that the decorations on High Street are up or mostly up.  The exception being the snowflakes on the polls downtown.  Not sure if we aren’t done yet or if we aren’t putting them up this year.

My comment about the snowflakes is this.  There needs to be something besides the garland and wreaths on the light poles.  However, the snowflakes either need to be repaired or replaced.  Last year half the lights were out.  Sorry but that looks like crap! 

Smith Plaza looks awesome again.   The Brickhouse looked nice as we drove by and looked in the front door. 

So powers that be….please do something with those ratty looking snowflakes!  It doesn’t make a very nice statement if they are in disrepair.  Thanks!

The Trainwreck That Is Levi Johnston

I guess baring his “soul” in Playgirl magazine wasn’t enough for Levi famewhore Johnston.  Now in his infinite wisdom, Levi has decided he would like to be on Dancing With The Stars.  Talk about the ridiculous to the sublime.

Levi thinks he has mad skills because he is athletic.  Hmmmmm.  If your body moves like your lips…maybe on a good day.  However, I would sincerely hope that Dancing With The Stars would not even consider this celebutard as a contestant on their show.  Impregnating the former Governor of Alaska’s daughter hardly makes one a star.

Guess we are trying to extend our 15 minutes a little longer.

Levi reminds me of a story I read when I was a child called the “Tar Baby”.  The harder you try to get rid of Levi, the harder he clings.

Sarah Palin, you have my sympathies.  This must be a continuous nightmare.