Pottstown Classics Car Club

Editor’s note:  I wrote this piece last June and thought it was lost.  I recently found it in my sent mail so I am posting it on here.

Pottstown Classics Car Club, Cruisin’ With A Cause

The Pottstown Classics Car Club motto is “Serving the community through our hobby”.

Most of us know about Nostaliga Nights on High Street, but after talking with Pottstown Classics President Jody Rhoads, I came away with an entirely different perspective on this organization.

The club was founded in 1980, primarily by Chevy enthusiasts who wanted to promote the ’55, ’56 & ’57 models.  In 1984, the club was opened to all types of vehicles which helped increase membership.  The clubs current membership averages between 60 – 70. 

Over the years, the Nostalgia Night location has changed several times.  The shows started out on the small side at the Tropical Treat in Stowe.  After a time, the club moved to the North End Shopping Center and averaged several hundred cars.  Changes at the North End Shopping Center forced a relocation to the Pottstown Municipal Airport for several years before arriving on High Street.  Currently the club averages around 500 cars per show.  High Street is closed between York and Franklin Streets to accommodate the vehicles and the crowd.  The May and September shows usually draw the largest attendance.

Pottstown Classics President Jody Rhoads’ approach is “use vehicles as a vehicle”.  These shows bring thousands of people into downtown Pottstown.  This is a good thing for shop owners and restaurateurs who are encouraged to stay open and reap the economic benefits.  Argento’s, Very Best Weiner and the Brick House are a few of the downtown merchants who stay open during the shows.  You can stroll down High Street, listen to the oldies, look at classic cars and eat!  What a great way to spend part of your Saturday while supporting downtown Pottstown businesses. 

Everybody knows the club sells tee shirts, hats, pins, window stickers and does a 50/50.  What you may not realize is where this money goes.  Jody explained that the club donates money to a number of local organizations including: Berks County Special Olympics, Pottstown Library, Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, the Vietnam Vets Memorial in Memorial Park, WWII Memorial, Relay for Life and Make A Wish Foundation.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas the club sponsors a local family who could use a helping hand.  They provide a holiday meal and money towards utilities, bills and groceries.  The next time you buy something to support the club you are also supporting many worthy Tri-County area organizations.

Looking for something to do on the first Saturday of the month between May and September?  Attend a Nostalgia Night, have fun and support your community at the same time.

Many thanks to Jody Rhoads for taking the time to speak with me.  Jody is a long time member of Pottstown Classics Car Club and the proud owner of a ’56 Chevy.

The club’s website is http://www.pottstownclassics.com/

You can also contact Jay at 610-495-7166

Snail mail:

Pottstown Classics Car Club

P.O. Box 1144

Pottstown, PA 19464



PHOENIXVILLE, PA: The Handcrafted Cookie Company is announcing its first quarterly cookie recipe contest!  The Company will be introducing a yummy new cookie for each season beginning this summer, and the recipe will come from one of their valued, brilliant customers!  Here’s how it works:     

Prior to each season, the contest will be open with a one month submission window to all comers.  Contestants will submit both the recipe and a sample of the baked cookies for consideration.  All submissions will be reviewed and a selection made within two weeks of the end of the submission window.  The winner will receive their prize thereafter and the winning cookie will be featured on our menu for the full season!  The prize will be a Handcrafted Cookie Company gift basket valued at $45 as well as ten 20% off coupons to distribute to  friends and family, as well as bragging rights. The winner and their recipe will also be featured in our monthly newsletter!  Our first contest will be open for submissions from April 1st through April 30th.  Selection will occur during the month of May and the winning cookie will be featured from June through August.  

If you’d like additional information about this contest or our store, please contact Chad Williams at chad61@msn.com or (484) 921-4934.

OMG – This Boggles The Mind


So I am perusing the police blotter in the Mercury when I see 13-year-old arrested.  Instantly I was thinking some stupid kid prank etc… until I start reading further!

A 13-year-old East Greenville boy was arrested during a vehicle search for (and this is unfreakin’believable) drug paraphernalia and alcohol possession.  He had a 40 in his back pack.  Was there a hooker in the car too?????????????? WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where does a 13-year-old kid get a 40-ounce beer?  Where are the parents?

When I was 13, my parents had me on a short leash!  I wasn’t running around Canton with beer and roach clip in my book bag.

Bangs head on computer desk….

An Exciting WPAZ Update

As many of you know, WPAZ went off the air suddenly in December 2009 leaving Pottstown without a local radio station.  Many people were stunned and saddened by this turn of events.

There has been a lot of talk and people calling into Sound Off expressing their opinion on the subject.  Two Pottstown area men are doing more than talking about it.  They are actually in discussion with Mitchell Scott, the owner, about purchasing WPAZ and returning it to the airwaves.  Ross Landy and his business partner Rick Rodgers have started the ball rolling by trying to raise $50,000.00 as a deposit to secure the purchase of the radio station.  If they can accomplish this, Mitchell Scott will stop accepting other offers for WPAZ.

Landy and Rodgers want to make WPAZ even more community oriented than it was previously by doing more remote broadcasts like the Fourth of July parade, Churchill’s open mike night, Sunnybrook Ballroom and getting involved with the Tri-County Performing Arts Center and other arts and cultural groups.  These gentlemen are interested in promoting Pottstown as a destination with things to do.  Sounds like this fits right in with the revitalization efforts and ULI study.

You can check out their website at http://www.wpazpa.org and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pottstown-PA/WPAZ-Preservation-Association/367218693829?ref=mf&v=wall 

RoysRants encourages everyone to get involved and help promote the return of WPAZ to the Pottstown area.

Check Out This Nice Write Up About Lancaster


This is a great example of how a community takes advantage of its heritage and surroundings.  Pottstown’s leadership needs to look at these success stories and brainstorm about how we can move ourselves forward.

American Idol Top Ten List

Here are the folks going on tour with American Idol 2010 Live Tour:

  • Didi Benami
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Lee DeWyze
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Casey James
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Michael Lynche
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Katie Stevens
  • Tim Urban

    Looks like Crystal Bowersox is leading the pack.  According to a poll taken by American Idol on who performed best March 23rd, Crystal Bowersox blew everybody out of the water with 46% of the vote.  Siobhan Magnus was a distance second with 14%.  The rest of the group was in single digits.

    Indiana County Policeman and School Board Member Charged With Providing Alcohol To Minors

    People just don’t learn.  After the horrible incident at Penn State, people are still giving alcohol to minors.  DUH!

    A 21-year-old, part-time police officer and school board member has been charged with giving his underage ex-girlfriend and others alcohol.  38 people were arrested and charged with underage drinking when police raided a party back in January.  Officer Ethan Sorbin-Randolph has also been charged with intimidating witnesses.  How special.

    Sorbin-Randolph has been suspended from his job as a police officer in Homer City but still remains on the school board of Homer Center School District.

    Amazing Product

    I live in an older apartment complex that was built in the 50’s.  Keeping this information in mind, things were not designed as thoughtfully and efficiently as compared to today’s standards.

    One of the biggest problems I have is mold and mildew, especially in the bathroom.  I do have a window but in the winter time it’s closed for obvious reasons.  I have tried so many products to eradicate this problem because it’s not healthy and looks nasty.  Usually what happens is as follows: 1. the product messes with the paint.  2. the product requires a horrible about of scrubbing.  3. the product stinks to the high heavens.  4. The mold/mildew on the walls gets lighter but you can still see the stains faintly.  I could go on for ever about this problem.

    Last night I was strolling around Wal-Mart and happened to see Arm & Hammer scrub-free bathroom cleaner with bleach.  I thought okay, maybe with the added bleach that would help.  I previously tried their version with Oxy power and that did very little.  But hope springs eternal and I figured for $1.97, what the hell.  Some day I would have the energy to try this.

    This morning, the internet was down and I had nothing to do so I figured I would clean the tub and ceramic tile.  After I finished, I looked at the mildew/mold and was inspired to get out the new product and spot test it.  This requires getting out the step stool etc…  because it gets on the ceiling above the shower too.  So I sprayed some on, waited a few seconds and wiped.  WOW!  It came off very easily and didn’t screw up the paint.  I got brave and just sprayed the rest of the affected areas in the bathroom.  I got down off the stool and turned around to wash off my hands.  When I turned back around, the walls were almost WHITE again!  After wiping the walls quickly with a paper towel (and I mean just wipe) the walls are completely clean.  It looks like it did when I moved in!  No trace remains behind.  The paint is perfectly fine.

    The whole clean up took 15 minutes maybe.  I was figuring I would be in there for at least a good 45 minutes scrubbing etc… and was hoping for at least improved results.  This is the first time I have had a product totally exceed my expectations.  It did everything it said it would do!  Imagine that!

    Just passing this along if anybody else has stubborn mold/mildew problems and hasn’t found anything that works this good and easily!  I am just blown away!

    Gorillas In Central Africa Face Extinction

    In the next 10-15 years, eastern lowland gorillas in Central Africa could follow the plight of the Dodo bird and countless other species into extinction.

    Due to habitat loss, poaching and disease these Congo Basin gorillas are running out of time.  Only 5,000 eastern lowland gorillas are left.  This represents an alarming 70% decline in about 10 years.

    Makes the heart sad 😦

    MTV’s The Hills Is Cancelled – Season 6 To Be The Merciful End

    In a totally NOT surprising turn of events, less than one season after Lauren Conrad’s departure, The Hills is cancelled.

    Nobody is interested in creepy Spencer & Heidi, that nasty Kristin Cavallari bitch person or the rest of the pathetic collection of wannabees and losers that remained behind after Lauren’s departure.

    When Lauren rode off into the sunset after Heidi & Spencer’s train-wreck wedding at the end of Episode 510…that was the end of the show.  Only nobody bothered to tell MTV.

    McNabb Trade Rumors

    The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the St. Louis Rams have made the Eagles an offer for “Chunky Soup” McNabb.  The St. Louis Rams are stating this is totally false information.

    Andy “I take full responsibility” Reid has made comments that the Eagles have received trade offers for all three QB’s.

    What to do, what to do.  Any takers for Andy Reid while we’re at it??

    717 Area Code To Run Out Of Numbers in 2012

    The 717 area code is running out of numbers.  Area code 717 was split in 1998.  The northern counties, formerly in 717, became 570.  Now it seems the 717 area code is back to square one.

    Population growth in South Central Pennsylvania is creating a need for more phone numbers.  York County is projecting a 12.4% increase over the 2000 census.  Lancaster County will also show an increase of about 7%.  Other “717” counties are growing as well.

    Two options are being considered.  1.  An overlay like 610 & 484 or 2. creating another entirely new area code.  73% of York County business owners who responded to a survey said they preferred the overlay option.  Either option costs businesses money.

    The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission is holding hearings to get public opinion on how to proceed.

    Village Productions “Noises Off”

    I was fortunate enough to attend the last performance of “Noises Off” this afternoon at the Tri-County Performing Arts Center.

    Again, I was very impressed with the production!  Acting, set, lighting etc… all excellent.  Nice sized crowd.  Marta Kiesling, Executive Director asked how many people were there for the first time and a ton of people raised their hands.  She said they had great attendance and good reviews for the show.

    This is a wonderful resource here in Pottstown.  It adds to the quality of life for residents and brings people into the central business district.

    If you have not attended any performances at the TriPAC yet, in June they are doing “Ragtime”. 

    Kudos to Village Productions for another fine performance.

    If you want to check out the Village Productions/Tri-County Performing Arts Center website, click their link on my blogroll for your convenience.

    Who The Heck Is First Niagara Bank Or Guess Who’s Coming To Pottstown

    You may have seen the picture of the North End Harleysville Bank with a First Niagara sign in the Mercury the other day.  Now they changed the sign at the East End branch as well.  The signs are covered up with Harleysville banners for now, but not for long.

    So who is First Niagara Bank?  They are a Buffalo, NY based bank.  First Niagara recently moved their headquarters into downtown Buffalo. 

    First Niagara is aggressively expanding.   First it was western Pennsylvania where they made a foray into the Pittsburgh market.  First Niagara bought 57 branches of National City Bank.  National City Bank was a casualty of the subprime mortgage crisis and was forced to sell off branches by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

    In July of 2009, First Niagara bought Harleysville National Bank which gives them over 80 branches in the Philadelphia region.  So far, First Niagara intends to keep all existing branches open.  According to the First Niagara website, with the Harleysville acquisition they will have 254 branches with $19.3 billion in assets and $13.9 billion in deposits.

    So much for having a Pottstown based bank :(.  First, Security National was gobbled up by Harleysville.  Now Harleysville has been gobbled up by First Niagara. 

    First Niagara headquarters picture below.

    Another Example Of Brownfield Reclamation!

    This is another great example of what could happen here in Pottstown.  I am hopeful that the new economic development coalition will consider projects like this!