Wanda Sykes’ New Show Gets BAD reviews

Last night was the much ballyhooed debut of the Wanda Sykes show.  After reading about 1oo comments written by viewers, most people didn’t make it past the opening monologue.

The set is small and tacky looking.  Bashing Rush Limbaugh isn’t that funny after the first few times.  Viewers said she was trying too hard, seemed uneasy with the format etc…. The mean-spiritedness of her comedy turned off many.  The enhanced laughter was obvious.  All in all she turned off 95% of the posters I read.  Some said she lost them as a fan and many just felt it was too painful to continue watching.  Those who did regretted it.

Somebody needs to go back to the drawing board and quick.

Pottstown Cavalcade Of Bands

So tonight was the cavalcade at PHS.  I only was able to catch the last half.  There were alot of bands this year.  It started at 6 and ended at 10 with The Boyertown Alumni Marching Unit and The Pottstown High School Trojan Marching Band in exibition.  Both were awesome! 

I haven’t seen Pottstown in a long time and they were really good.  Nice size (100), big sound and very innovative marching.  The drumline is killer!!!  It reminded me of the movie “Drumline”. 

I was very proud of our high school tonight.  People have their opinions I suppose but the music program is excellent!  The Middle School Band was supposed to be there as well but I missed the first two hours.  My main goal was to see PHS and Boyertown Alumni was icing on the cake!

According the the PSD website –

“Recently the Pottstown High School Trojan Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Michael Vought, earned first place honors at the Exeter/Daniel Boone Fall Band Classic.”  

“Also receiving recognition for their outstanding performance was the percussion section which received an outstanding award.”

Guess I’m not the only one impressed! 🙂