New Air Carrier May Resume Nonstop Service Between Pittsburgh And Harrisburg

This may be a sign that the economy is getting a little better?  Gulfstream International Airlines, a Florida based carrier is looking at restoring nonstop service between Harrisburg International Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport starting the first quarter of 2010.  US Airways discontinued nonstop service between these two cities in September 2008.

Gulfstream is very anxious to restore service between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg and has been trying for months to make this happen.  Lower fuel costs and working with the airport on fee reductions is making this possible.

Gulfstream is also looking at providing service to DuBois, PA, Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN.

Election Day, Tuesday November 3rd

Tomorrow is Election Day!  If you are unhappy with how things are going in your corner of the world, GET OUT AND VOTE!  Otherwise, things won’t change.

Tomorrow’s elections are for municipal officials, school board seats, District judges, PA Superior Court judges, Commonweath Court judges and Common Pleas Court judges!

If you live in Pottstown SD (4 seats open) or Owen J Roberts SD (6 seats open) I hope you vote.  These elections will impact your wallet depending on who gets elected and what course of action each district will take as a result.

Four Pottstown Borough Council seats and Pottstown Mayor are up for grabs.  Again, if you don’t like the way things are going now is your chance to vote for change.  We need more people on Council who will move Pottstown forward!

The polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm tomorrow (Tuesday, November 3rd).   If you are not sure where to vote, you can go to the Pottstown Borough website, for example, and find out.  Pottstown lists polling places under About Pottstown, Voting Locations on their website:

If you don’t live in Pottstown, check your township or borough website for voting information.

Philadelphia Eagles Dismantle NY Giants

The Eagles got a touch down right out of the starting gate and never looked back trouncing the NY Giants 40-17.  The Eagles held onto their commanding lead for the entire game.  It was a very convincing win and demonstrated that there is more to the Eagles than what we saw (or didn’t see) in that disasterous Oakland Raiders game we are trying to purge from our memory banks!

Looking forward to spanking the Cowgirls next weekend!  That would go along way toward making me feel better!!!