Avatar News

James Cameron is taking about making a sequel to Avatar already!   OMG I hope so!  The door was left open at the end for more adventures so we can only hope that’s the case.

Did you see Avatar?

Pottstown Brick House

Had a blast at the Brick House last night with my buddy Marcus.  It was all you can eat crab legs night, open mike night and Class of 1979 reunion.  Great time!

Check out the Brick House for New Year’s Eve.  Dave is throwing a big party!  You can click on their link on the side of the page.

Eagles Win Over Broncos With Last Minute Akers Kick

Thank you David Akers.  For some reason the Eagles decided they didn’t have to work much in the second half of the game and blew a 17 point lead in minutes.  Finally the game was tied at 27-27 and McNabb threw one hell of a pass which was originally called incomplete.  Reid wisely challenged which gave the Eagles field position for a field goal in the last 7 seconds of the game.

Whew!  My poor heart can’t take it some weeks!

Tiger Woods Humor

My friend Tony wrote this on his facebook page:

I’m so disappointed and mad! Don’t buy Tiger Woods’ DVD “My best 18 holes” Turns out it’s about golf……


American Idol Returns!

Mark your calendars folks!  American Idol returns to the small screen on January 12th!  Ellen takes over for Paula 😦 and there is a host of celebrity guest judges this year as well.

Guess time will tell how Paula’s departure effects the dynamic of the show.  Personally, I will really miss her but at least Ellen is funny. 

Finally, something new to watch on the boob-tube in a couple weeks!

Farewell Sharon Valentine-Thomas

Pottstown Mayor Sharon Valentine-Thomas made her farewell address to Council this week.  Mayor Thomas will be missed!  She brought class and diginity to the office of mayor and made her presence known at countless events in the life of this town over the last four years.

I had the opportunity to get to know Mayor Thomas over the last year and found her to be a very pleasant person who cares deeply about Pottstown.  It’s a shame that the pathetic voter turn out in the last election caused her role as mayor to come to an end by a few dozen votes.

I think the incoming mayor and new council have A LOT of work to do.   I sincerely hope that you all get your act together and get ‘er done!  We need more people on council like Jody Rhoads who will work for the citizens of Pottstown instead of their own special interests.

I will be watching and reporting as we move forward!

Review of Avatar

That was the fastest three hours I have spent in a movie theater in a long time.  I was left wanting more, more, more.

We opted not to do 3D and I am glad we didn’t.  It was visually stimulating or stunning enough in digital.

The movie is The Emerald Forest meets Star Wars.  Avatar was filmed in New Zealand which has incredible scenery.  The plot is compelling.  It’s not just a lot of computer generated tricks.  The characters are developed pretty well and you definitely take sides as the film progresses.

I won’t give anything away but IMHO this is a movie to buy, keep and watch over and over.  James Cameron out did himself.    The hype doesn’t even begin to do the movie justice and the trailers are nothing compaired to the actual movie.

The ending leaves the door open for another adventure!  I hope so anyway.

Two thumbs up!


I am off to see Avatar.  Of course, since I have an opinion about everything, a review will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow!   I hope this movie lives up to the hype.   The snippets they are showing look incredible!  James Cameron’s movies are usually awesome so… off I go.

A Review Of HONK!

The weather played havoc with schedules this weekend here in Southeastern PA.  I had tickets for the Saturday evening performance of Honk! at Pottstown’s Tri-County Performing Arts Center but the show was cancelled.  Fortunately, the tickets were honored at Sunday’s matinee!

That being said, there is no review of Henry’s as our plans changed due to inclement weather.

So my two friends and I trudged through the snow to see Honk! Sunday afternoon at 3 pm.  The theatre was 2/3 full.  The crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative.  A mixture of all ages.  We started a few minutes late and after the usual announcements the show began.

The set was once again well designed.  Simple, yet functional and appropriate.  The music was live (great orchestra) and the lighting and effects were also excellent.

Honk! is based on the fairy tale of the Ugly Ducking by Hans Christian Anderson and was turned into a musical production.  Honk! was named Winner Best Musical of 2000 Oliver Award, and winner of FNB VITA Awards in South Africa.  Honk! is now performed all over the world.

The performance ran 2 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission between the Act I and Act II.  Again, the seats at the TriPAC are comfortable which really helps!!

The cast was very large, talented and included many children as well as adults.

Everyone did an excellent job but IMHO the stand-out performances were as follows:

Ugly aka Marc Sherfield did an outstanding job in the lead role.  He made Ugly come alive.  His acting and singing skills were first rate.  He was wonderful as the Tin Man in the Wiz, but I felt he did an even better job in this role.  Thank you Marc for a superb performance!

Ida aka Denise Webb was perfectly suited to be the mama duck.  Her performance was genuine and her vocal skills were first rate.  Denise graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Music Education.  West Chester’s music program is excellent and Denise did them proud!

Cat aka David Wrigley was my favorite character.  David recently graduated from Muhlenberg College.  Muhlenberg has a nationally ranked theatre program which I have experienced first hand (see my Bat Boy The Musical Review).  I think casting David as Cat was genius.  His performance was purrfectly awesome.  I would have to say David is the total package for musical theatre.  Looking forward to seeing David in something else at the TriPAC or in the area.

Lowbutt aka A.J. Giruzzi was beyond hysterical as the rooster.  He had all the right moves and was hands down the funniest character.  My friend laughed so hard during the Together scene she had a coughing fit.

Queenie aka Krista Knight was perfectly matched to A.J. Giruzzi.  Their character’s were BFF’s and we had no trouble believing that.  Their voices blended beautifully and they played off of each other to perfection.  Again, great casting decisions!  Two very talented actors!

Lastly, Michael Tunney as Greylag and Deborah Stimson-Snow as Dot were also quite funny.  Great chemistry between them!

Hats off to Village Productions for another outstanding event!  If you live in the Greater Pottstown area and have not yet attended a show at the TriPAC, I would highly recommend checking them out.  Save yourself the trip into Philadelphia to see high quality theatre.  Take advantage of what is in your own backyard!

To check out upcoming events:


Voice: 610-970-1199

The performing arts center is located at 245 E. High Street in downtown Pottstown.


Fortunately, I was sent home from work early today.  Since the weather outside is frightful… I am baking Christmas cookies today.  Guess snow storms are God’s way of making us slow down! 

Stay warm and safe today!

Tiger Woods

I am on the record as being officially SICK of Tiger Woods and his infidelities being covered in depth every night on television!

I hope he does leave the country.

Carrie Underwood Is Coming To Reading

Carrie Underwood is making a stop at the Sovereign Center in Reading on March 11th as part of her upcoming tour.  The show is at 7:30 pm. 

Tickets go on sale 12/18 at 10 am so check out Ticketmaster or the Sovereign Center box office for more information.


PPL Electricity Rates To Increase 30%

When the rate cap comes off on 1/1/10, PPL will raise their rates 30%.  The good news is that 5 other companies are competing for customers in PPL’s service area offering lower prices.  It is expected that up to 10 companies could enter the market and offer consumers an alternative to PPL’s new rates.

Customers should start enrolling now if they wish to change electricity providers as it can take a number of weeks for the switch to occur once you request a new service provider.

Kudos To Councilman Rhoads And Borough Council

Many thanks to Jody Rhoads, 6th Ward Councilman, for being a watchdog and making the safety of Pottstown citizens his top priority!

Jody brought a serious problem to Council’s attention regarding railroad crossings on Industrial Hwy that needed repairs.  Council drafted a letter to Norfolk Southern who is making the necessary repairs.

Nice to see some positive actions coming out of Council and the group working together.  Let’s see more of this in the future.

Hat tip to Jody Rhoads!

Great Scott Pulls Plug On WPAZ – Literally!

In a dastardly move, Great Scott Broadcasting pulled the plug on WPAZ 1370 AM Thursday morning at approximately 10 am.  Jay Warren was called into a “meeting” by Great Scott management and while he was in the meeting the signal was cut and Jay was told WPAZ no longer “fits” into Great Scott’s plan.  WPAZ was Great Scott’s first radio station and has been a Pottstown fixture for many, many years (since 1951).

The radio station is for sale. 

So you couldn’t have put the radio station on the market and tried to sell it before pulling the plug?  I would think it will be a harder sale now. 

Of course, the same tripe that CHS used “Pottstown is a great community, the hospital radio station is great, the people are great” yada, yada, yada was blabbered about by Great Scott but they still shut WPAZ down with no warning and laid-off six people right before Christmas.  Jay Warren has been at WPAZ for 26 years.  Nice way to show Jay how much you appreciate all his hardwork and dedication guys.

Again, corporate greed, absentee ownership and a total lack of concern about Pottstown rears it ugly head.  The lame excuse given was that it’s too far away from Ocean City, MD where Michael Scott lives.  Bull @#%!

If we are all so “fabulous” here in Pottstown, you have a funny way of showing it.

Thumbs down and thorns to Michael Scott and Great Scott Broadcasting for their shabby treatment of the Pottstown community.  Shame on you!