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The City of Reading Accepted Into Act 47 – PA Distressed Municipality Protection Program

Pennsylvania’s 5th largest city (Reading) has been accepted into Act 47 which is a program for financially distressed municipalities.  Ironically the announcement was made at a breakfast at the Berkshire Country Club this morning.

George Cornelius, secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development met with Reading Mayor Tom McMahon and adminstration officials Wednesday evening.  Cornelius wanted to meet with Reading City Council Wednesday night as well.  However City Council refused to meet with Cornelius in a closed meeting stating it would violate the Sunshine Law.

Act 47 provides the distressed municipality with help in formulating a recovery plan as well as less restrictions in terms of operating regulations, taxing and negotiating powers.

More School District Drama As Boyertown Elects New Superintendent Of Schools

As if Owen J. Roberts hasn’t provided enough superintendent drama, Boyertown Area School District has now jumped on the bandwagon.

Boyertown has hired a new superintendent to succeed Dr. Morgan, who is retiring.  However, there is already a kerfluffle afoot as a divided board elected the new superintendent.  Dr. Dion E. Betts of South Western School District in Hanover, York County was elected by a narrow 5-4 vote amid cries from dissenting board members to postpone the vote and take more time to select a superintendent.

So good luck Dr. Betts.  You are starting out behind the eight ball in a new job.  Betts was given a 4 1/2 year contract and a starting salary of $145K.  Hopefully people will at least give Dr. Betts a chance but there are already questions regarding his credentials from dissenting board members and the teachers union.

Let the drama begin.