Carrie Prejan’s Continuing Problems

Miss Prejan’s past has come around to bite her in the ass. 

A porn company is trying to distribute her “a tape I made for my boyfriend” to the general public.  Prejan stated she was under age 18 when the tape was made, making it illegal for distribution.  However, her former boyfriend at the time is saying she was over 18. 

The Prejan camp has threatened legal action against Vivid Entertainment if the tape is “released to the public”. 

Evidently there is also more than one tape.  I believe I heard there were seven more in addition to the tape in question. 

Don’t make “private” recordings of a sexual nature.  This is the information age and nothing is “private”.  People evidently don’t learn from the misfortunes of others!  This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last exercise in poor judgment any time soon!

Nicholas Cage’s Financial Woes Continue

You may or may not be following the downward spiral of actor Nicholas Cage’s finances.  Evidently he owes MILLIONS to the IRS and is trying to sell property to pay back taxes.  There was even one report that pal Johnny Depp had offered to bail him out.

It appears Nicholas has champagne taste and a beer wallet.  Cage recently sued his former business manager Samuel Levin, blaming Levin for his financial misfortune.  Mr. Levin, who is having none of that, countersued Cage stating it was Nicholas’ extravagant spending habits that have put the actor behind the eight-ball.  Not poor financial management on Levin’s part.

Evidently Nick thinks he’s a rapper and surrounds himself with an entourage who he throws money at like he’s Oprah!  Only he doesn’t have Oprah’s money.  Mr. Levin warned Cage about his out of control spending stating he would need to earn $30 million dollars a year to cover his EXPENSES!!!  Not make money, just break even!

Look for more Nicholas Cage movies in the future.  Probably some really bad ones too.  Cage will have to take any script that comes along until he digs himself out of the sizeable hole he finds himself at the bottom of.

Your Adam Lambert Quote Of The Day

Evidently there is some one, some where, who thinks a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar needs to happen.  Adam’s thoughts:

“I heard they are trying to do a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar and I want to play Judas. I’m going to start publicly campaigning for it. I think a movie would be really cool!”  Adam Lambert to TV Guide

Hmmmm…. interesting idea.  Will Judas wear makeup and have spiked hair?

PMMC Workers To Hold Candlelight Rally On Thursday, November 19th


Join other PMMC workers and our families at a

Candlelight Vigil for 

Fairness at Our

Community Hospital

Together workers at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center are taking a stand for our patients, our community, and our future. We are united for a fair contract that allows us to best serve our community and to take care of our families. Together, we believe it is absolutely essential that our employer, CHS, come to the table to bargain with us in good faith.

Join us as we come together at a Candlelight Vigil.

St. John’s UCC

Corner of Price and High Sts. in Pottstown

Thursday, November 19

4:00 PM

For More Information Call

Stephen Jones at 570-460-5832