Courtright Announces Candidacy For Scranton Mayor

The hundreds of supporters entering the front door at the Keyser Valley Community Center on Sunday to see Democrat Bill Courtright formally announce his campaign for mayor of Scranton received smiles and handshakes from the candidate himself.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” played in the background as Mr. Courtright focused on themes of “returning the luster” and reaching out to the people of his hometown – a place of staggering municipal debt and significant skepticism about city leadership.

The city’s current tax collector and a former city councilman, Mr. Courtright, 55, of 126 Ridgeview Drive, said he will bring commitment, competence and character to City Hall.

Without going into a lot of detail, he also offered insights into his immediate priorities if elected mayor, calling for an in-depth analysis of the city’s finances and plans to create a panel of community leaders to help solve the city’s problems.

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New Business Opening In Pottstown

Pottstown, Pa.  – Top Notch Credit Advisors announces opening of new location in Pottstown, Pa.  Local man, Marcus Shellenberger, has opened a new location at 867 N. Hanover St. in Pottstown.

The company’s primary focus is credit restoration and repair.  “Over a period of 45 to 60 days we can help most people repair and remove most of the problems on their credit report.” says Shellenberger.

He also said that “over 70% of the derogatories on most people’s
credit report are inaccurately reported and that is what we go after, often with a very high success rate.”  Marcus stated that “There is a money back guarantee, if we don’t perform the customer gets their money back.”

Contrary to popular belief credit restoration is legal as long as you
are bonded and registered with the state.  There are also certain
disclosure documents that are required to be provided to consumers explaining their rights.  All of which Top Notch Credit Advisors has and provides to its customers.  As with any industry there are some bad apples, but Top Notch exceeds all state and federal requirements.

Credit restoration is often confused with debt settlement.  Where
credit restoration removes and repairs problems on your report, a debt settlement company would contact creditors and negotiate your debt down and then consolidate that into one payment.  It is actually two completely different services.

Shellenberger states “we are usually able to raise a score from 50-100 points, but we can’t help everyone.  What we do is evaluate each report before accepting someone into our program and prices range from $250 to $900 with a written guarantee.”

Marcus has provided a short video on credit that is located at:


About Top Notch Credit Advisors:

Top Notch Credit Advisors is located at 867 N. Hanover St. Pottstown, Pa 19464.  They provide credit restoration services to consumers.  They can work with clients in any state.  They are bonded, licensed and state registered.  Top Notch also offers a written guarantee.

For more information visit: or call: 610-326-0162

Nicholas Cage’s Financial Woes Continue

You may or may not be following the downward spiral of actor Nicholas Cage’s finances.  Evidently he owes MILLIONS to the IRS and is trying to sell property to pay back taxes.  There was even one report that pal Johnny Depp had offered to bail him out.

It appears Nicholas has champagne taste and a beer wallet.  Cage recently sued his former business manager Samuel Levin, blaming Levin for his financial misfortune.  Mr. Levin, who is having none of that, countersued Cage stating it was Nicholas’ extravagant spending habits that have put the actor behind the eight-ball.  Not poor financial management on Levin’s part.

Evidently Nick thinks he’s a rapper and surrounds himself with an entourage who he throws money at like he’s Oprah!  Only he doesn’t have Oprah’s money.  Mr. Levin warned Cage about his out of control spending stating he would need to earn $30 million dollars a year to cover his EXPENSES!!!  Not make money, just break even!

Look for more Nicholas Cage movies in the future.  Probably some really bad ones too.  Cage will have to take any script that comes along until he digs himself out of the sizeable hole he finds himself at the bottom of.