Hillside Double Murder Suspect Found Dead In Lititz Motel

This just in! 

The man suspected of committing the double murder of the Levan sisters at the Hillside Motel was found dead in a motel room in Lititz.  It was an apparent suicide.  The suspect was Christopher Dieter, a 38 year old male.  Evidence collected in Room 6 led police to Dieter.  We will most likely never know the reason he murdered the Levan sisters.  Authorities believe he just snapped.

Pottstown Classics Car Club First Nostalgia Night Of 2010

Summer is definitely right around the corner.  This Saturday, in downtown Pottstown, the first Nostalgia Night of the season will held from 5 – 9 pm on High Street.  Come out and support this great community service organization.


Off-Shore Oil Spill Threatens Louisiana

A massive oil spill is threatening the Louisiana coastline.  BP has been unable to stop the massive flow of oil (210,000 gallons a day) from a well explosion that is leaking from as deep as a mile underwater.  The government is now getting involved because of BP’s inability to solve their own problem.  BP is responsible for the $6 million dollar a day price tag. 

One third of the nation’s seafood comes from Louisiana and the delta area is in great danger.  This could eclipse the Exxon Valdez spill if not contained soon.  Oil has already reached the coastline which is teaming with wildlife.

Louisiana has never fully recovered from Katrina.  This disaster could not come at a worse time.

Heidi And Spencer Pratt Top Time Magazine’s Least Influential People List

I can hardly type from laughing so hard over this massive slap in the face to the two most annoying and self-important people on planet Earth.  Two more deserving cretins could not have been selected to receive this infamous designation by Time Magazine.  For once I agree with them!

Heidi’s album flopped (surprise), she had massive plastic surgery (for no apparent reason) and now The Hills is cancelled after this season.  Time to fade back into obscurity again.  This is what happens when you are famous for being someone else’s friend, then you diss them and ruin the friendship by marrying a complete sociopath.   You may recall the sex tape scandal Spencer started about Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills.  A big “I told you so” from Lauren to Heidi and a muhahahahaha from me.

I call that karma!

Lady Gaga To Appear On American Idol Next Week

What’s weirder than having Shakira appear on County Week?????  Having Lady Gaga appear on Frank Sinatra week.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  She will be singing her current hit “Alejandro“.  Harry Connick, Jr. is mentor….at least that makes plenty of sense pairing Harry Connick, Jr. with Big Band. 

Reportedly Lady Gaga was paid $250,00 for the performance which will also include “Bad Romance” and original choreography.  Her outfit will be very skimpy sources report.

Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour To Kick-Off in Wilkes-Barre

I don’t know about you, but Adam Lambert and Wilkes-Barre does not seem like a match made in heaven to me.  Nothing against Wilkes-Barre intended either so don’t get your knickers in a bunch.

Adam’s tour kicks off at the FM Kirby Center for the Performing Arts in Wilkes-Barre on June 4th.  Opening acts include last year’s fourth place Idol runner-up Allison Iraheta and Orianthi whose hit single “According To You” has been burning up the charts.

Tickets are $39.50.  If you don’t feel like heading to Wilkes-Barre, Adam will be performing at Musikfest in Bethlehem in August.

Bret Michaels

For you Bret Michaels fans, good news!   The former Poison singer and current Celebrity Apprentice contestant is doing better.  You can take a trip to Clearfield this summer and catch Bret in action and have a funnel cake too!

Check out the link below:


Never Thought I Would Live To See This

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has maintained a strangle-hold on alcohol sales in our state for decades.  For many years people have been screaming about reforming the State Store system and the state monopoly on alcohol sales.  Many other states allow alcohol sales in convenience and grocery stores.

Interesting article below on the subject from the Center Daily Times that involves Altoona based Sheetz, Inc.  There is a Sheetz store located on Route 422 near Birdsboro.


Lancaster County Passes Half Million Population

Lancaster County has enjoyed a steady growth pattern for four decades. Since the 2000 census, Lancaster County’s population has increased 7.9%. The latest population estimate puts Lancaster County’s population at 507,766 ranking the county as the sixth largest in Pennsylvania.

The Lancaster Metropolitan Area is made up entirely of Lancaster County. Prior to the latest increase, Metropolitan Lancaster was the 101st largest metropolitan area in the United States. The city of Lancaster, population 56,348 (2000 census), is the eight largest city in Pennsylvania.

The new 19 story Marriott Hotel, site of the former Watt & Shand Department store, enhances the skyline.

Hillside Motel Double Murder Victims Identified

The two women who were murdered have been identified as Carolyn Levan, 60, of the Hillside Motel, and Charlene Levan, 57, of 266 Elm St., Pottstown. At this time there are no suspects.

The investigation is ongoing and police are requesting that anyone with information come forward.

Information may be reported by calling 911, Adams’ office at 610-478-6000, Amity Township Police at 610-689-6002, or by calling Crime Alert Berks County at 1-877-373-9913.

Some further information:


And Then There Were Five: Siobhan Magnus Leaves Idol

After tonight, we are down to the final 5 for American Idol.  Shania Twain week was a huge success.  The final 6 all sang well and it was a tough call who would be going home.  Only Simon thought Siobhan’s performance was over the top.  The other judges loved it.  America agreed with Simon, as usual.

It’s anybody’s game.  Crystal Bowersox is the favorite however, she is getting stiff competition from the other four contestants. 

Everybody should be in it to win it.

Bethlehem Area School District Proposed Budget To Slash Teaching Positions And Raise Taxes

Our neighbor to the north is having a great deal of difficulty balancing their school district budget too!

Bethlehem Area School District, which has 15,000+ students is proposing a $207 million dollar budget which slashes 6 administrators, 35 teaching positions and raises taxes 6.1%.  This comes one short year after the district got off the state’s academically troubled list!

Last year the district slashed 45 positions and raised taxes 5.1%.  Debt accounts for 30% of their budget!  In November the district’s credit rating was downgraded.

Things are tough all over folks!

Drug Related Murder In Hamburg

When it rains it pours.  Normally quiet Hamburg had a drug related murder on April 16th.  This was Hamburg’s first murder in three decades!  The scene of the crime was a known drug house. 

Hamburg has a tiny police department and isn’t equiped to follow-up on drug activity and leads.  There is usually only one officer on at a time in this small borough of 4,200 residents.

The people involved were all local area residents.  Neighbors suspected drug activity because people came and went from the house at all hours of the day and night.

Double Murder In Amity Township

This is really weird, especially because of the silence being maintained on what happened and that Amity isn’t exactly a hotbed of crime so murder is very rare and a double murder….

I hope this is wrapped up quickly and whoever is responsible is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Unpaid Bills Must Be Collected

Pottstown Borough and School District have unpaid property taxes and other bills that are enough to balance the budget deficit.  For some unknown reason, we are not aggressively collecting these funds.  School Board member Michele Pargeon wanted to know who has the power?  I hope we get an answer to this question and somebody gives a green light to go after this money. 

Why should absentee landlords and deadbeats make our taxes go up and cause employees to be laid off because we are unable to balance the borough and school district budgets?  Inquiring minds want to know.

It is time to get tough and collect this money or start property foreclosures, deny occupancy permits, turn of water and sewer services etc…  Stop making the majority suffer for the bad behavior of a few people.  Everybody is suffering because we will not punish a few bad apples.  This is not a fair and equitable way to handle problems.

Time for a new game plan folks!  This one ain’t workin’!

Pottstown School Board News

Mr. Hylton’s latest scheme was crushed at the voting meeting of the Pottstown School Board on Thursday evening.  Mr. Hylton’s plan to chop a huge number of support staff from the school district was opposed 6-3.  Even BFF Dennis Wausnock voted against Hylton’s slash and burn budget proposal.  Only Valerie Harris and Nat White voted to support Hylton BUT Ms. Harris said she wouldn’t necessarily vote for additional staff cuts.

Are you getting a clue yet Tom???  By now it should be starting to sink in that your “ideas” and “fixes” are unpopular to say the least.

Anybody ready to take back their vote for Hylton yet?

Evidently these “stunts” are what we have to look forward to during Mr. Hylton’s tenure on the school board.  Pretty soon it will be 8 – 1 opposed.  His friends are fading fast.

Tim Urban Goes Home As Idol Gives Back

Teflon Tim Urban, a very likable young man, was sent home last night at the end of Idol Gives Back.  Honestly, I thought Casey would go home first based on the criticism from the judges but somebody had to be eliminated.  We quickly recapped Tim’s journey although he was spared from his “swan song” as the show ran way long as Ryan kept telling us it would.

Great show last night topped off with a performance from Elton John.  Carey Underwood was her usual phenomenal self.  Mary J Blige rocked the house with an all-star version of the Led Zepplin classic “Stairway To Heaven”.  Randy Jackson played bass along with other notable stars in the band.

Next week is Shania Twain week so that should be a great show.  It will be nice to see Shania back after a long public absence as the result of her devastating marital problems.