Eagles Come Alive In Snooze-Fest With Redskins In 4th Qtr

What should have been a slam dunk of a game was an eeked out victory when the Eagles decided to finally show up and play the last half of the 4th quarter.  Some tougher competition coming up so people better start playing 100% from the opening kickoff.  What’s with the onside kicks????  Geeze Louise!  Weird decisions.

Eagles 27 – Skins 24

Pottstown Commission/Committee/Board Vacancies

Upcoming vacancies as of January 1, 2010, please send letters of interest to the Borough Manager.

Blighted Property Review Committee – four – 1-year terms
Pottstown Borough Authority – one – 5-year term
Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority – one – 5-year term
Shade Tree Commission – one – 5-year term
Vacancy Board – one – 1-year term
Zoning Hearing Board – one – 3-year term

Pottstown Symphony Orchestra Schedule And More


Handel’s Messiah
(Orchestra with Sing-in) $15
Dec. 13th, 3pm
Trinity Reformed UCCC Hanover & King, Pottstown

Winter Instrumental Candlelight
Fri., Dec. 11th at 7:15
Center for the Arts (the Hill School)
Beech St., Pottstown

Winter Instrumental
Fri., Dec. 11th at 7:15pm
Center for the Arts
(The Hill School)

Candlelight Lessons & Carols
Sun., Dec, 13th – 4:30pm & 8pm
Alumni Memorial Chapel (the Hill School)
Beech St., Pottstown

The Nutcraker
Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance. Company
Sat., Dec 5 at 7:30pm or Sun., Dec. 6 at 2pm
Tickets: $20 adult, $15 student/seniors
Center for the Arts
(The Hill School)

Gallery on High/Gallery School of Pottstown 610-326-2506
The Hill School – Center for the Arts 610-705-1039
Pottstown Symphony Orchestra 610-327-1614
Tri-PAC/Village Productions 610-970-1199
Schuylkill Valley Regional Dance 610-323-2569

Pottstown Christmas Decorations

People have taken advantage of the milder weather and outdoor Christmas decorations are popping up all over the Pottstown area.

Driving through downtown tonight I noticed that the decorations on High Street are up or mostly up.  The exception being the snowflakes on the polls downtown.  Not sure if we aren’t done yet or if we aren’t putting them up this year.

My comment about the snowflakes is this.  There needs to be something besides the garland and wreaths on the light poles.  However, the snowflakes either need to be repaired or replaced.  Last year half the lights were out.  Sorry but that looks like crap! 

Smith Plaza looks awesome again.   The Brickhouse looked nice as we drove by and looked in the front door. 

So powers that be….please do something with those ratty looking snowflakes!  It doesn’t make a very nice statement if they are in disrepair.  Thanks!

The Trainwreck That Is Levi Johnston

I guess baring his “soul” in Playgirl magazine wasn’t enough for Levi famewhore Johnston.  Now in his infinite wisdom, Levi has decided he would like to be on Dancing With The Stars.  Talk about the ridiculous to the sublime.

Levi thinks he has mad skills because he is athletic.  Hmmmmm.  If your body moves like your lips…maybe on a good day.  However, I would sincerely hope that Dancing With The Stars would not even consider this celebutard as a contestant on their show.  Impregnating the former Governor of Alaska’s daughter hardly makes one a star.

Guess we are trying to extend our 15 minutes a little longer.

Levi reminds me of a story I read when I was a child called the “Tar Baby”.  The harder you try to get rid of Levi, the harder he clings.

Sarah Palin, you have my sympathies.  This must be a continuous nightmare.

Adam Lambert Discusses His AMA Peformance On The CBS Early Show

Adam Lambert discussed his sexually charged performance on the CBS Early Show.  The interviewer (Maggie Rodriguez) didn’t let Adam off too lightly.  She tried to drive the point home that you can’t do those kinds of things on national television because you don’t know who is watching.

Adam actually wasn’t as arrogant as I have seen him in the past.  While he wouldn’t offer an apology, he did relucantly admit that he’s new at all this and is “learning”.  In the future he would be more likely to stick to the rehearsed performance.

Adam said his background is the theatre so he tends to gauge his performance by who he sees in the audience.  He wasn’t thinking about children since it was nearly 11:00 pm.  Adam has consistently said he’s not a babysitter and parents should monitor what their children watch.  However, when pressed, he admitted in the future he would be more mindful when on television.

I suppose that’s a start.  Getting caught up in the moment is only going to go so far.  Adam is still responsible for Adam.  He also admitted it was not his best vocal performance.  I agree with that!  Too much screaming!!

David Archuleta Christmas Tour And CD

American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta has released a Christmas CD and is currently on tour.  The tour kicked off yesterday in Salt Lake City.

David was joined by his mother, Lupe, for a duet of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.  After hearing his mother sing, I see where David gets some of his talent from.  Heartwarming!

For your viewing pleasure:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9bYecSvFn4

Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Shoot

According to Hollywood’s most hated gossip reporter, Perez Hilton, Levi Johnston kept his family jewels covered for his “pictorial”.  Perez posted pictures on his website and also revealed that there would be no “junk” showing in any of the pictures.

I bet Sarah Palin and her daughter are breathing a sigh of relief that Levi at least kept something private.  Lord knows Levi is flapping his gums to anyone who will listen and he is hitting every talk show that will give him 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Not sure what made Levi come to his senses.  Hopefully we won’t have any sex tapes floating around either ala Carrie Prejan. 

Still think it was a mistake doing Playgirl but the end result wasn’t as bad as reported earlier.

Martha Stewart Is At It Again…Second Time This Week!

Martha Stewart just can’t stop talking this week and she has nothing nice to say.  Guess she never heard the old saying “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. 

Now, Martha is bashing Sarah Palin.  Calling her boring, yet confused and dangerous.  When asked if she had seen any of the Palin book interviews Martha responded she wouldn’t watch Sarah if she were paid.

Guess since Sarah doesn’t have a rap sheet she’s boring.  A pattern seems to be developing here with younger and better looking women. First Rachael Ray, now Sarah Palin.

For someone who is concered about appearances and good taste, you aren’t setting a very good example Martha.

Candlelight Vigil Held Tonight At St. John’s UCC Pottstown For Union Workers

The long drawn out union negotiations at PMMC are wearing down the hard working staff.  A candlelight vigil was held at St. John’s United Church of Christ in Pottstown this afternoon at 4 pm.  Hospital workers, union representatives, Pottstown Mayor Sharon Thomas and the press gathered to pray for a settlement and support each other during this difficult time.

Community Health Services of Brentwood, TN bought PMMC a few years ago and has transformed our caring community hospital into a “profit center”.  CHS has failed to show up at three of the last four bargaining sessions.  The contact has been extended twice already so the union voted overwhelming to go on a three day strike in December to protest unfair labor practices by CHS. 

While most of the country is in a recession, CHS is making record breaking profits and for the 3rd Quarter of 2009, their profits increased a whopping 13%.  CHS is trying to take away worker pensions and replace them with a 401K and has not made any indication of what, if any, matching contributions would be.  Also, CHS proposes to drastically increase employee health care contributions.  In the case of part time employees their out of pocket contributions would increase 400%!

Many workers spoke as well as union leaders.  A letter from US Senator Bob Casey (D) was read showing his support for the union and the hard working PMMC employees.  Two nurses from the Wyoming Valley (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area) came in support of hospital workers.  They briefly spoke saying their hospital was recently purchased by CHS and they are having similar difficulty in negotiating with CHS.  They wanted to show their solidarity to the workers in Pottstown.

Channel 6 was also there and interviewed several key people.

The attached pictures hopefully put a human face on the struggle to get fair and equitable treatment for our hospital workers.  These are Pottstown area people who are trying to get a fair contract from a corporate giant who evidently cares little for the Pottstown community.

Rev. Karen Creasy, Pastor of St. John’s UCC lead the service which included a Litany for Solidarity and candle lighting.  Participants prayed that God would loosen the hard heartedness of those at CHS and PMMC.

There are two more bargaining sessions before the strike deadline.  November 24th and November 30th.

Martha Stewart Slams Rachael Ray

Everybody’s favorite ex-con, Martha Stewart, evidently doesn’t like Rachael Ray.  In a recent interview Martha trashes Rachael’s new cookbook and her cooking skills!!  Martha further goes on to say Rachael is more of “an entertainer” than a bitch teacher like her.

Rachael, of course, took the high road…no real surprise there and deferred to Martha’s superior skills.  Even going as far as to say she would rather eat one of Martha’s meals than her own.  Class act Rachael!

See Martha, you don’t have to be a bitch shrew to succeed in life. 

Rachael’s audience is not the same target group as Martha’s.  Rachael has never pretended to be anything other than the person she is.  She shows busy people how to make decent meals fast.  Rachael isn’t making pastry chef level creations or decorating her house in intricate oragami ornaments for Christmas.

Martha gets a lump of coal in her stocking this year!

Team Rachael Ray!!!!

Carrie Prejan’s Continuing Problems

Miss Prejan’s past has come around to bite her in the ass. 

A porn company is trying to distribute her “a tape I made for my boyfriend” to the general public.  Prejan stated she was under age 18 when the tape was made, making it illegal for distribution.  However, her former boyfriend at the time is saying she was over 18. 

The Prejan camp has threatened legal action against Vivid Entertainment if the tape is “released to the public”. 

Evidently there is also more than one tape.  I believe I heard there were seven more in addition to the tape in question. 

Don’t make “private” recordings of a sexual nature.  This is the information age and nothing is “private”.  People evidently don’t learn from the misfortunes of others!  This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last exercise in poor judgment any time soon!

Nicholas Cage’s Financial Woes Continue

You may or may not be following the downward spiral of actor Nicholas Cage’s finances.  Evidently he owes MILLIONS to the IRS and is trying to sell property to pay back taxes.  There was even one report that pal Johnny Depp had offered to bail him out.

It appears Nicholas has champagne taste and a beer wallet.  Cage recently sued his former business manager Samuel Levin, blaming Levin for his financial misfortune.  Mr. Levin, who is having none of that, countersued Cage stating it was Nicholas’ extravagant spending habits that have put the actor behind the eight-ball.  Not poor financial management on Levin’s part.

Evidently Nick thinks he’s a rapper and surrounds himself with an entourage who he throws money at like he’s Oprah!  Only he doesn’t have Oprah’s money.  Mr. Levin warned Cage about his out of control spending stating he would need to earn $30 million dollars a year to cover his EXPENSES!!!  Not make money, just break even!

Look for more Nicholas Cage movies in the future.  Probably some really bad ones too.  Cage will have to take any script that comes along until he digs himself out of the sizeable hole he finds himself at the bottom of.

Your Adam Lambert Quote Of The Day

Evidently there is some one, some where, who thinks a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar needs to happen.  Adam’s thoughts:

“I heard they are trying to do a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar and I want to play Judas. I’m going to start publicly campaigning for it. I think a movie would be really cool!”  Adam Lambert to TV Guide

Hmmmm…. interesting idea.  Will Judas wear makeup and have spiked hair?

PMMC Workers To Hold Candlelight Rally On Thursday, November 19th


Join other PMMC workers and our families at a

Candlelight Vigil for 

Fairness at Our

Community Hospital

Together workers at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center are taking a stand for our patients, our community, and our future. We are united for a fair contract that allows us to best serve our community and to take care of our families. Together, we believe it is absolutely essential that our employer, CHS, come to the table to bargain with us in good faith.

Join us as we come together at a Candlelight Vigil.

St. John’s UCC

Corner of Price and High Sts. in Pottstown

Thursday, November 19

4:00 PM

For More Information Call

Stephen Jones at 570-460-5832