Crossover Country Cutie Taylor Swift Breaks Record

19 year old Taylor Swift (born in Wyomissing) now has the longest charting album of the CENTURY with her 2006 self-titled ablum Taylor Swift.  The album is in week 157 on the Billboard top 200!

Interesting fact I found on the internet.   Thought I would share since she hails from the Reading area.

Hint: Jon and Kate…this is how you go about actually having a career…pay attention!

Did You Vote Today?

If you didn’t vote there is still time.  The polls are open until 8 pm EST here in Pennsylvania.  There are important races that could impact your future on the line today!  If you don’t vote, don’t complain…

Phillies Hang On To Beat The Yankees 8 – 6 In Game 5

The Phillies hung on in another nail-biter tonight to beat the Yankees 8-6.  The Phillies took a 3-1 lead when Chase Utley hit a three run homer. 

We continued to lead the rest of the game but the Yankees closed the gap with 3 runs in the 8th inning and 1 run in the 9th inning. 

Lee did a great job pitching tonight and Park and Madson finished off the game.  Madson struck out Teixeira to end the game! 

Game 6 here we come!!!