My Neighbor Needs A Job!

Does anybody need or know of anyone looking for truck mechanics in the Pottstown area?  My neighbor has been looking for months.  He and his wife have a new baby and a toddler so he really needs the work!  If you have any leads, please leave me a comment and I will let him know.

Thanks much!!!

Grab The Garlic! Dracula Comes To Pottstown!!

Tri-County Performing Arts Center
245 East High Street Pottstown,  PA  19464
Presents Dracula
Thriller by Deane and Balderston
Presented by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.
Not recommended for young children due to potentially frightening situations and suggestion of mature themes

Get ready for Halloween thrills and chills with the play based on the novel by Bram Stoker! A young friend of beautiful Lucy Seward dies unexpectedly, supposedly of anemia. Now Lucy is ill too, and her well-meaning father (Dr. Seward) and fiancé (Jonathan Harker) consult with the specialist, Van Helsing, to seek a cure. Their mysterious new neighbor, Count Dracula, appears to be unusually attracted to Lucy’s predicament. Meanwhile Dr. Seward’s mental patient, Renfield, is exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior, torn between embracing the Count’s promise of immortality and saving his own soul. Dr. Seward’s attendant, Butterworth, can’t contain Renfield, and both he and Lucy’s maid observe increasingly odd disturbances within the household. Van Helsing is the first to realize the Count’s true nature, and together with Dr. Seward and Jonathan Harker, seek to destroy Dracula to save Lucy.

Count Dracula – Jerome Neville
Van Helsing – Paul Dake
Renfield – Scott Minor
Lucy Seward – Elizabeth Karpinski
Dr. Seward – Stephen Blumenthal
John Harker – Michael Shoeman
Miss Wells – Diane Davis
Attendant – Eamon Goebel

Directed by – Geoffrey Berwind

DRACULA (October 8 – 25, 2009)
Thursday October 8,15, 22 – 7:30 pm
Friday October 9, 16, 23 – 8:00 pm
Saturday October 10, 17, 24 – 8:00 pm
Sunday October 11, 18, 25 – 3:00 pm

ADULT: Thurs $17; Fri, Sat & Sun $21
STUDENT/SR (65+): Thurs $15; Fri, Sat & Sun $19
CHILD (12 & under): Thurs $13; Fri, Sat & Sun $15
$2 off per ticket for groups of 10 or more!

One On One With Philadelphia Novelist Kerry L. Marzock


By Roy Keeler

I had the pleasure to break bread with and interview author Kerry L. Marzock recently.  Kerry is a novelist in the horror genre and poet extraordinaire.  We sat down to talk about where she has been, where she is headed and all things in between.

Kerry’s second novel, Raven’s Rage, Order of the Claw is due to be released on or around October 13th.  This is the sequel to Raven’s Way and prequel to Raven Unleashed.  The trilogy takes place in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley in familiar places like Valley Forge Park, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Wissahickon Valley.  You can read the series in order or you can read the books individually.  Each novel stands alone but there are recurring characters who have “survived” the previous tales.

What can you expect from a Kerry L. Marzock novel?  Crisp dialogue, strong characters, great action and romance (but don’t expect Jane Austin, think Rocky Horror).  Her writing contains all the key elements of a great story which will hold your interest from the first page until the last.

Kerry’s first novel, Raven’s Way, was published in 2006 after 6 months of writing and 3-4 months of editing.  Her current book, Raven’s Rage, Order of the Claw took far longer to complete and has been her most challenging creative effort to date.  Sheer determination made Kerry stick
with this book until it was completed including several detours and taking an extended break to recapture her muse.

Kerry started out writing poetry.  She joined the Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing family in 2004.  Prior to joining the team at Soul Asylum, Kerry published a book of poetry titled Sea of Emotion under the Publish America label.  As Kerry’s poems became longer, she decided it was time write her first novel.

Pennsylvania born and raised, Kerry started writing stories at the tender age of 5 about Disney characters and super heroes.  A voracious reader, Kerry is a big horror and science fiction fan.  She described herself as a kid who liked to get lost in a good book.  Kerry also has a collection of over one hundred werewolf novels!

Kerry took a long break from writing due to a lack of confidence.  She resumed writing while recuperating from a serious medical condition.  Kerry decided it was time to do the things she always wanted to do!  Writing was at the top of the list.  Bolstered by good feedback from posting her poetry online, Kerry has moved forward and never looked back.  Kerry has been greatly inspired by author Laurell K. Hamilton and particularly her New York Times best selling Anita Blake series.  Anita Blake gave Kerry the push to do the Raven trilogy.

Kerry has several chapters written for Raven Unleashed (book 3).  She also has another book in the works called Scrolls of Sorrow.  Instead of traditional chapters, Scrolls of Sorrow is divided into scrolls.  Each scroll includes a poem.  Kerry is hoping for a summer 2010 release date according to her blog!  She also has an unreleased book of poetry and short stories called Along A Burning Highway.  The poetry is light to dark.  My personal favorite is her dark poetry!  Kerry works full time so all this prolific writing takes place on nights and weekends.

I asked Kerry what her greatest reward has been as an author.  She quickly answered holding a copy of Raven’s Way in her hand.

Kerry is a fascinating person and an incredible writer.  I encourage you to check out her books!

You can learn more about Kerry L. Marzock and order her books from

Kerry has a blog which you can find at

It Feels Like Fall

Definitely a chilly morning here in the North End.  My neighbor is mowing his lawn and I am wrapped up in a blanket, LOL!  I think we are finally having some fall weather!  

Makes me reminisce about high school football games on Saturday afternoons back in Canton.  Back then, everything revolved around school or church.  If you were doing something it was usually at one of two places.  Harvest Bazaars, changing leaves, picking apples at Landon’s orchard and thinking about what to be for Halloween.  It was safe to Trick or Treat back then and nobody imagined x-rayed candy.  Probably a good thing because the nearest hospital was 10 miles away, LOL!

Enjoy your beatutiful fall day Pottstown!

Pottstown Shade Tree Commission

An Amy Wolf of Pottstown wrote a letter to the Editor, which appeared in Thursday’s Pottstown Mercury, castigating Councilman Jody Rhoads for bringing discord to Pottstown.

Well Amy…did you bother to attend the last farce of a meeting that 15 of us sat through?  If so, Mr. Rhoads explained what he is trying to do.  He is trying to get accountability from the Commission and trying to keep homeowners with tree problems from having to decide between paying their taxes and having a tree removed when Trees Inc. has $91.000.00 in their bank account that Mr. Hylton is holding on to for a rainy day.

Replacing a roof or hotwater heater is at least a capital improvement to someone’s home.  Being forced to remove a tree you didn’t plant and that was planted in an inappropriate location should not be the homeowners reponsibility.  Then being forced to replant a tree in the same ridiculous place or be fined is futher insult to injury.

To the homeowner who can’t afford tree removal, this is a big Pottstown issue.  Everbody may not have the funds available.  Also, Mr. Rhoads stated at the poorly attended STC meeting that he had at least tried to get money but had so far been unsuccessful.  The rest of the members had done NOTHING!  One STC member said she raises money for all kinds of causes but trees aren’t her thing…out loud even!!!

Maybe you should attend the meetings or pay closer attention!

Owen J. Roberts School Board Behavior Is Appalling

Board members having shouting matches at meetings.  Huge negative stories appearing in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  WTF is going on across the river??  This situation is out of control.   This situation is damaging the reputation of an otherwise fine school district who had a competent Superintendent that was fired because somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Wondering how long this will be allowed to go on before Harrisburg steps in.  At this rate… could be sooner than later!

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