CHS Continues To Drag Feet On PMMC Negotiations – Strike Threatened

I have been watching this situation unfold and am not surprised it has come to this.  CHS has done some good things at PMMC by bringing in more doctors, expanding services and buying new and better equipment. However, their treatment of the staff is poor. 

I know a number of staff members at the hospital and attended the Sunnybrook Rally and the Board of Directors Meeting.  I feel I have some perspective on this situation as an outside observer.  Workers are stressed out and the proposed contract is beyond unfair. 

If CHS were struggling financially and needed the workers to make concessions to keep the doors open, I would feel differently.  What I see is another corporate giant worried about increasing their bottom line, not the people who work to make PMMC profitable. 

Mr. Kirby isn’t making PMMC profitable all by himself.  The other 1100 people who work at the hospital contribute to that success as well.  There is no I in team!

Philadelphia Region Shoppers More Optomistic About Economy

A recent survey of people in the Metropolitan Philadelphia Region, which includes southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware shows that people feel the economy is slowly recovering and 48% plan to spend a little more this year at Christmas.  People are cautiously optimistic but still have underlying concerns about their jobs and financial security.

Most likely holiday sales will be flat.  The good news is, things are not expected to continue declining and a few stores like WalMart and Kohl’s posted good third quarter profits.

About 50% of the people surveyed said they feel the economy will improve in 2010, which is up from 27% who felt the economy would improve this year.

Spending on non-gift items is expected to increase as people take advantage of holiday sales to update their wardrobe, for example, after putting their personal spending on hold.  Personally I fall into this category.  I will probably spend the normal amount on Christmas this year or less if I can take advantage of good sales.