Lehigh County Trims “Fat” From 2011 Budget

Seal of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Image via Wikipedia

It is never too early to start thinking about next year’s budget.  Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham made an announcement yesterday that 50 positions will be eliminated from the county payroll in 2011.  The good news is 41 of these positions are currently vacant which leaves 9 people to be furloughed next year.  A tax increase is still possible at this time, however they working on keeping that from becoming a reality.

Lehigh County’s current employment levels are below 1990.  If you are keeping track of demographics, the county population has grown since then but they are doing more with less.  With the reductions that are planned for 2011, the total number of county employees with be 2.122 or 3.5% less than 1990.  The population of Lehigh County in 1990 was 291,000.  The current 2009 estimate put the population at 343,000.  A sizeable increase with less staff. 

They are working smarter, with less staff, up in the Lehigh Valley.

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