Pottstown’s Montgomery County Community College West Campus

There was a nice and informative supplement in the Mercury today all about MCCC’s West Campus, right here in Pottstown.

I will summarize some things if you did not get the paper or read the supplement.  I confess do not always read them or I skim through them if they do not interest me.

Being a Pottstown promoter, I feel this information is great because it is all positive, which is what I prefer to write about.

MCCC West Campus facts:

1. West Campus has been an integral part of Pottstown now for 14 years!

2.  Enrollment continues to grow, impressively I might add, and has reached 2,500 students! 

3.  The number of students at the West Campus has increased 16% in the last 12 months.  Non-credit enrollment has increased 46% in the last year.

4.  A new parking lot was created to meet the demand from an increased student population.  The college spent $1.2 million (mostly grants) to add parking for an addition 202 vehicles.  This included removing contaminated soil, installing underground drainage, adding clean fill and blacktop.  The parking lot features LED lighting which reduces electricity consumption 70%.

5.  The college is creating a Riverfront Academic & Heritage Center as part of its Environmental Science program.   The building is across from South Hall and was a Brownfield site that is being completed renovated into something useful again as well as being visually appealing!  It was an old PECO building.

6.  MCCC has been nationally recognized for Community Engagement (Community Service) by the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.  MCCC students make a significant contribution the volunteer sector.

7.  The West Campus now has 5 institutions of higher learning partnering with them to offer additional undergraduate and graduate degree opportunities RIGHT HERE IN POTTSTOWN!  Those schools are: Villanova University, Temple University, Chestnut Hill College, Gwynedd-Mercy College and Albright College.  Professors from these schools come to the West Campus and teach classes so you do not have leave town.

8.  West Campus offers non-credit green education programs

9.  MCCC has been nationally ranked as the number one most technically-advanced community college in the nation.

10.  MCCC’s radio station was ranked in the top five internet-only radio stations nationally.  Go to http://www.mc3.edu to listen.  There is a link in the lower right corner of the page.

11.  This is perhaps my most favorite piece of news!  A pilot program called Distinctively Pottstown is being offered for students to learn about Pottstown as they are getting their education here.  The class explores the past, present and future of our fair city.  Students do things like interview Pottstonians who make or have made a difference and write about them.  Visit important places in Pottstown like Pottsgove Manor, Memorial Park, Pottstown Library, Pottstown Municipal Airport, Pottstown Historical Society, The Mercury and taking the historic walking tour.  Information is power.  I wonder how many residents know the history of Pottstown.

Good things are happening all around us.