Annual Sunbury River Festival – August 20 & 21

Do you like food, car shows, craft shows, eating contests and live music?  Consider a trip to Sunbury for their Annual River Festival August 20 & 21.  Sunbury is located on the Susquehanna River.

For those of you not familiar with Sunbury, it is the home of Weis Markets and  located a few short hours from Pottstown.  If you are looking for family fun take a trip to Sunbury.  They have something for everyone.

Click on the link below for any and all information about the festival:

4-H Helps Urban Areas Go Green – Harrisburg’s Allison Hill Neighborhood

This project is a 4-H educational outreach program of Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. The program was initiated by Dauphin County cooperative extension to address the specific needs of urban and inner-city youth.

Fast Eddie News

Three things today:

1.  Rendell is leaving us with one last “gift” when he leaves office.  Pennsylvania  Turnpike tolls will be increasing another 10% effective 1/2/11.  E-Z Pass customers will experience a 3% increase.  It is speculated that this is the first in a series of fare increases.  Thanks Ed!

2.  Rendell now expects state employee layoffs to only be about 200 because everybody, their brother and the horse the rode in on are retiring.  The hiring freeze has also helped.  We should have a more concrete number next week.  Oh joy, oh rapture.  More drain on the pension fund.  That will fix everything.

3.  I heard on the radio yesterday that the Pennsylvania State Police have trooper openings that need filled.  So guess what?  They don’t have the money to train them since Fast Eddie slashed their budget something like $9 million dollars.  So no new troopers.  Ummmm public safety is pretty important Ed.  I think we can do with a few less SEPTA or PAT transit employees before we start cutting the police budget.  Many areas of our state depend on the Pennsylvania State Police as their only means of police protection.  Bad move Ed.