Duquesne Beer Production Restarted At City Brewing In Latrobe

A wheat beer glass

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A legendary Pennsylvania beer began production in Latrobe last month. 

Duquesne Beer was formerly brewed on Pittsburgh’s South Side.  It was Pennsylvania’s top-selling beer in the 1950’s.  Referred to as the “Prince of Pilsner”, this beer was brewed from 1899 until 1972 when production was halted.  Now an Upper St. Clair man has relaunched the brand. 

City Brewing in Latrobe started making Iron City Beer last year when the Pittsburgh Brewing Company closed their Lawrenceville plant.  Duquesne Beer can be added to production using the same number of workers.  The Latrobe plant employs 110 people.  

The Latrobe Brewery is the former location where Rolling Rock beer was brewed from 1939 until 2006 when Anheuser-Busch moved Rolling Rock production to New Jersey.  Anheuser-Busch announced it was considering selling the Rolling Rock brand in 2009! 

Allentown Beverage has ordered Duquesne Beer for local distribution and you can expect to be able to purchase the “Prince of Pilsner’ in the Lehigh Valley by this weekend.  A case will run about $16.00. 

Glad to see another Pennsylvania brand coming back to life