Impatient Bethlehem Man Strikes Flagman – Attempts To Flees Scene

So we make a bad decision and then compound it!  Some people seriously need a slap.

An impatient Bethlehem man asked a flagman to move some orange cones in a construction zone so he could leave.  The flagman asked the driver to be patient.  The driver, evidently in a huge hurry, decides he has “had enough” and proceeds to try to drive through the construction site, striking the 62 year-old flagman.  Mr. Grumpy Pants then tries to flee the scene only to have two witnesses jump in front of his van to stop him.  I would have thought twice about that since he just hit someone but more power to the Good Samaritans.

The 66 year-old driver should have his license revoked IMHO for such an asinine and possibly deadly stunt.  Nobody needs to be in that big of a hurry that they hit someone “just doing their job”, then try to drive away.

Two big old Roy’s Rants thumbs down for the impatient driver who is old enough to know better!  Shame on you sir!

The flagman was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Fountain HIll and the upstanding driver was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury and had no comment when contacted by the local media.

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