No Neighborhood Schools Meeting Tonight

Thanks to my friends over at SavePottstown!, I learned that the scheduled NSC meeting for tonight has been cancelled.  Glad in a way so I can stay home and rest.  I will be attending the General Board Meeting on Thursday evening.  Let the fireworks continue!

Power to the Pottstown people!

3 comments on “No Neighborhood Schools Meeting Tonight

  1. Katy, there is the section of the meeting called ‘Hearings from the Patrons of the Schools’ toward the beginning of the meeting where you are allowd to address the whole SB. Sign in when you get there and (unless altered – Pres can change time limits) 3 min is the usual amount of time allowed.

    Go for the GOLD…how can they not listen to you…you go, girl!! New faces will mkae bigger impacts – you already know that, tho!

    See you there!!

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