Borough Council Moves Closer To Approving Grant Application To Aid Pottstown Homeowners With Tree Problems

Well slap me silly and call me a monkey’s uncle.  It looks like we might have found some grant money to help with tree problems. WOW!  How the heck did that happen? You mean somebody on the Shade Tree Commission actually found some money?

Thanks be to God Council is handling this themselves.  $200K might be more than Trees, Inc. needs to add to their whopping $92,000 kitty.

Council will vote to approve the application at the April meeting. This money would provide for asphalt sidewalk repairs cased by curb trees.

Hylton Gets A Green Light For More Secret Meetings

So it seems the PSD solicitor, Stephen Kalis, feels hush-hush Hylton didn’t do anything wrong when he excluded the majority of the school board from his Neighborhood Schools Committee recommendations.  The details were sprung on the the majority of the school board and the community last Monday night.

Great, let’s encourage this stealthy behavior.  Evidently the Sunshine Law doesn’t have any teeth.  Maybe some super Polygrip is in order?  Where is Martha Raye when we need her?

I have “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” running through my head.  All aboard, the PSD train has been hijacked and is headed toward financial ruin.

And who really uses words like salubrious in conversation?  Was that in the Reader’s Digest?

Another Pottstown Manufacturer Is Closing Up Shop

I really hate reporting this kind of news!

Neapco is moving their remaining 90 Pottstown borough based jobs to Nebraska. Nebraska offered them better incentives to move there versus staying in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  Shades of Mrs. Smith!

Some people may be offered the opportunity to move (personally I would not be moving to boring Nebraska).  Looks like 2011 will be when the majority of the jobs leave town.  Neapco has been in Pottstown for over 80 years.  In 2001 350 people worked at Neapco.  Today there are about 90 jobs.

Wonder what Nebraska offered to sweeten the pot?  I think the powers that be, like Ed Rendell, better find out and try and stop things like this from happening again.   First Mrs. Smith’s moves to Oklahoma and now Neapco is moving to Nebraska.