Gorillas In Central Africa Face Extinction

In the next 10-15 years, eastern lowland gorillas in Central Africa could follow the plight of the Dodo bird and countless other species into extinction.

Due to habitat loss, poaching and disease these Congo Basin gorillas are running out of time.  Only 5,000 eastern lowland gorillas are left.  This represents an alarming 70% decline in about 10 years.

Makes the heart sad 😦

MTV’s The Hills Is Cancelled – Season 6 To Be The Merciful End

In a totally NOT surprising turn of events, less than one season after Lauren Conrad’s departure, The Hills is cancelled.

Nobody is interested in creepy Spencer & Heidi, that nasty Kristin Cavallari bitch person or the rest of the pathetic collection of wannabees and losers that remained behind after Lauren’s departure.

When Lauren rode off into the sunset after Heidi & Spencer’s train-wreck wedding at the end of Episode 510…that was the end of the show.  Only nobody bothered to tell MTV.