Citizens For Pottstown’s Revitalization and Code Blue Pottstown

I have added the website for these two organizations on my blog roll.  Here is some information about each group. 

Citizens for Pottstown Revitalization:

Citizens for Pottstown’s Revitalization is a grassroots coalition founded by concerned borough residents. Our mission is to instill hope and foster a sense of pride in our community by empowering residents to rise up against crime, blight and apathy. We will counter these ills through positive actions, community involvement, courage and respect and we will breathe new life into Pottstown.

Code Blue Pottstown:

Code Blue is a grass-roots citizens educational watchdog group. We conscientiously don’t have a power structure, no one is “in charge,” we simply work together implementing agreed upon ideas for the betterment of our community – specifically those which effect the district and its students. We believe every decision made by the school board and school district should be centered around education, first and foremost.

We are against frivolous expenditures, personal agendas and politicking of any kind within our school district and its elected officials.

We are for ethical leadership and giving power back to the people – where it truly belongs.

Check Code Blue out on Facebook at:!/group.php?gid=328505461999&ref=ts

Editor’s note:

Please support one or both of these groups.  There is strength in numbers.  It’s the only way to take back our town!!!!  We must come together with a unity of vision and speak with one voice.