Louisiana Woman Sells Children For A Cockatoo And $175 Cash!

Obviously Donna Louise Greenwell of Pitkin, LA has a few screws loose.  She was sentenced to two counts of 15 months hard labor, to run consecutively, for offering to sell two children (ages 4 & 5) to a couple (the Romero’s of Eunice, LA) in exchange for a cockatoo and $175 cash to cover the attorney fee’s for the custody transfer.

Donna Louise stated the children were “abandoned to her care” by the parents and she was unable to take adequate care of them.  The children’s parents could not located (how special).  The Romero’s had their sentences suspended for testifying against Louise.  They would have received five years in prison had their sentences not been suspended for cooperating with authorities.

Donna Louise evidently didn’t know about Social Services and Child Welfare??? 

Only in America folks!

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