Celebrity Endorsement Insurance

Looks like everyone’s favorite sex addict, Tiger Woods has started a precedent on Madison Avenue.  Companies are looking for ways to protect themselves when their spokesperson, for example, has sex with dozens of people, ruins his/her reputation and gives the company they represent a black eye with consumers.

Companies are also starting to add morals clauses into contracts for celebrity endorsers so they can drop them like the proverbial “hot potato” if you have a lapse in judgement.

Forbes Magazine Top Web Celeb 25 List

This is a great list if you are interested in learning more about the internet, social media/marketing, tech stuff, finance, gossip, entertainment etc….  These are people who are not necessarily well known to many people but are making a big name for themselves and $$$ using the internet:

  1. Perez Hilton – perezhilton.com
  2. Michael Arrington – techcrunch.com
  3. Pete Cashmore – mashable.com
  4. Evan Williams & Biz Stone – twitter.com
  5. Kevin Rose – digg.com
  6. Guy Kawasaki – guykawaski.com
  7. Heather “Dooce” Armstrong – dooce.com
  8. Tila “Tequila” Nguyen – tilashotspot.buzznet.com
  9. Gary Vaynerchuk – garyvaynerchuk.com

10.  Corey Doctorow – carphound.com

11.  Om Malik – gigaom.com

12.  Leo Laporte – leoville.com

13.  Frank Warren – postsecret.blogsport.com

14.  Robert Scoble – scobleizer.com

15.  Chris Brogan – chrisbrogan.com

16.  Wil Wheaton – wilwheaton.typepad.com

17.  Matt Drudge – drudgereport.com

18.  Danny Sullivan – daggle.com

19.  Jeff Jarvis – buzzmachine.com

20.  John Dvorak – channeldvorak.com

21.  Ana Marie Cox – anamariecox.typepad.com

22.  Ree Drummond – thepioneerwoman.com

23.  Jason Calacanis – calacanis.com & mahalo.com (search engine)

24.  Seth Godin – sethgodin.com

25.  Shane Dawson – shanedawsontv.com