Berks County Man Predicts 40 Inches Of Snow for March 7th!!!!

This prediction is becoming an obsession in our area.  Evidently a Berks County resident, who is also an amateur weather forecaster, is predicting the mother of all snow storms for March 7th.  Lester Moyer, who writes Moyer’s Almanac, evidently successfully predicted the two major snow storms earlier this month.  He is now predicting 40 inches of snow for March 7th (worse case scenario).

Let us sincerely hope he is dead wrong!  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a temperature of 52 degrees for March 7th, with no snow.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet, snow wise.  There is a prediction for more snow tomorrow (AccuWeather) with a total accumulation of 5 – 11 inches total.  Snow will be starting Thursday morning with additional accumulation on Thursday night.  However, the National Weather Service is predicting less than two inches for the same period.

We are finally getting the streets cleared and are starting to see people’s yards.  I can see the curb on my street again!

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