Tom Hylton Strikes Yet Again!!

Tom is sure keeping me busy this week.  I read in today’s Pottstown Mercury that our tree hugging school board member is making secret visits to elementary schools without advising the rest of the school board.

I am starting to wonder if Tom has a learning disability because he never benefits from his previous mistakes.  Most people stop repeating bad behavior that continually gets them in hot water.

There is a reason we have a set number of people on the school board i.e more than two.  You should be working as a group and everyone should always know what’s going on.  It is called communication.  People who lurk in the shadows and seek to hide their activities are a huge blip on my radar.

Again, Tom needs to learn to work and play well with others. 

Valerie, you should really distance yourself from this person before you get the same reputation.  Whether this visit was intentionally mutually exclusive or if it was just a “slip up” doesn’t matter.  The public perception of this kind of activity is very negative and arouses suspicion.  I would hate to see you labeled as a Hyltonite.

The problem here is not that Polly Weand and others got their information from SavePottstown!.  The problem is, this visit should have been discussed at a board meeting and all the members should have been informed it was a. talking place and b. asked if they cared to attend.  Board members should never have to find out about official business transpiring from a source outside of a meeting.  This is just WRONG!