More Madness From Tom Hylton

Honestly, this is so played out I am sick of writing about it!

a.  We do not need these damn windows!

b.  We can not afford these damn windows!

c.  The bobble-heads dolls are at it again.

d.  Where does a retired Mercury employee come up with this kind of money?

e.  What does Tom Hylton get out of all this?  A book deal, a PBS special???  There is more to this than meets the eye.  This is NOT an act of charity!  There are always strings attached…

f.  There are certainly far better things for our school board to concentrate on than this madness.  This side-show is becoming an all-consuming topic that has side tracked sensible issues.

This topic has plucked my last good nerve.  If this goes through there needs to be a public revolt.  Some of these people need thrown off the school board and replaced with individuals who possess common sense.

This is sheer madness and reckless spending of public funds!!!!!