Eagles Dump Westbrook

Brian Westbrook will be cut from the Philadelphia Eagles effective March 5th.  That certainly sucks.  If we are cutting people based on performance….I can think of others would should go before Westbrook.

Of course, Andy Reid is still backing Donovan McNabb so look for number 5 to return this fall.  Another season of excuses and crushed dreams for the fans.  Until the Eagles dump Andy Reid a Super Bowl win will continue to elude us!

Pottstown Finally Takes A Stand Against Border Development

Today’s Pottstown Mercury has an article written by Evan Brandt which certainly makes this resident smile.  Pottstown is finally taking a stand against being skirted by development and having jobs and taxes sucked out of the borough.  Bravo!

Dan Weand and Steve Toroney appear to be the ring leaders in this movement based on the article.  Both are Borough Councilmen (Toroney is President) and on the Pottstown Planning Commission.  Steve Toroney also serves on the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Committee.

The recent construction of Upland Square in West Pottsgrove Township and the proposed Commerce Corner center in Upper Pottsgrove Township have prompted this stand.  Giant and several other large stores have left Pottstown Plaza and Pottstown Center for Upland Square, thereby taking tax dollars and jobs with them.  Giant also evidently holds the lease on their former Pottstown Plaza site to keep competition out.  I cry foul!  That shopping center needs tenants to fill it back up again.  Purposely keeping that store vacant is just wrong and hurts Pottstown!  People need to know these things so they can make informed decisions about where they want to shop!

The State Street and Route 100 intersection will need redesigned again to accommodate Commerce Corner.  Part of the plan would be to make the entrance into Commerce Corner from Wilson Street.  The entrance would be from Pottstown Borough but Pottstown would not see any revenue, just more traffic on Wilson Street!

Certainly everyone benefits from the jobs created by Upland Square and the potential jobs from Commerce Corner.  However, harming Pottstown in the process is wrong.  This border development places a strain on Pottstown’s infrastructure such as increased water, sewer and police assistance.  Working together regionally is the only way to go.

I hope this movement gains traction and Pottstown can start to benefit from all this development instead of being surrounded by it!  More development is in the works!

Louisiana Woman Sells Children For A Cockatoo And $175 Cash!

Obviously Donna Louise Greenwell of Pitkin, LA has a few screws loose.  She was sentenced to two counts of 15 months hard labor, to run consecutively, for offering to sell two children (ages 4 & 5) to a couple (the Romero’s of Eunice, LA) in exchange for a cockatoo and $175 cash to cover the attorney fee’s for the custody transfer.

Donna Louise stated the children were “abandoned to her care” by the parents and she was unable to take adequate care of them.  The children’s parents could not located (how special).  The Romero’s had their sentences suspended for testifying against Louise.  They would have received five years in prison had their sentences not been suspended for cooperating with authorities.

Donna Louise evidently didn’t know about Social Services and Child Welfare??? 

Only in America folks!

Berks County Man Predicts 40 Inches Of Snow for March 7th!!!!

This prediction is becoming an obsession in our area.  Evidently a Berks County resident, who is also an amateur weather forecaster, is predicting the mother of all snow storms for March 7th.  Lester Moyer, who writes Moyer’s Almanac, evidently successfully predicted the two major snow storms earlier this month.  He is now predicting 40 inches of snow for March 7th (worse case scenario).

Let us sincerely hope he is dead wrong!  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a temperature of 52 degrees for March 7th, with no snow.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet, snow wise.  There is a prediction for more snow tomorrow (AccuWeather) with a total accumulation of 5 – 11 inches total.  Snow will be starting Thursday morning with additional accumulation on Thursday night.  However, the National Weather Service is predicting less than two inches for the same period.

We are finally getting the streets cleared and are starting to see people’s yards.  I can see the curb on my street again!

MTV’s Jersey Shore Comes To The View

“The Situtation”, “Snooki” and “DJ Pauly D” paid a visit to the ladies on The View on Tuesday.   The panel was divided….two for, two against.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore an “I heart the Situation” tee- shirt, Sherri Shepherd dressed like Snooki, complete with hair bump, while Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were clearly not feeling the love.  Especially Joy (talk about being misnamed).

“The Situation” had nicknames for the panel….Whoopi is “The Administration, Joy is “The Assumption”, Elisabeth is “The Attraction” and Sherri was “The Duplication” since she was rockin’ the Snooki hair bump.  The ladies liked their nicknames.

Joy went right after Snooki by making the statement they were all not Italian Americans however, Snooki is part Sicilian, although mostly Chilean.  JWOW is evidently not Italian American either.  Joy got in some other digs about the all the sex on the show and asked if they use condoms etc… She was her usual snarky self.

Snooki got a big laugh when she was asked when she realized she was famous….the answer was “pretty much at birth”…..DJ Pauly D was asked if he was surprised by the fame and was he still working.  He responded “yes, I’m still DJing but now my rate went up” which got another huge laugh from the audience.  “The Situation” refused to show his abs despite coaxing from the ladies.  He said he didn’t want to cheapen “the brand”…

Whoopi asked the cast what their long-range goals are…”The Situation” said he would like to try acting.  They all said they are saving their money.  Snooki stated her father handles her money.

All in all the interview was fun, despite Joy “The Assumption’s” “tude”.