The Pottstown Cup – A Review

I had dinner at The Cup tonight and it was like visiting an old friend.

The place was packed, which is a great sign.  When I passed by this week I noticed there were a good amount of cars in the parking lot.  They opened Monday and it was a struggle to wait until Friday night to eat there.

I was hoping the menu would be more reflective of when Gerber’s owned the restaurant instead of the new incarnations which were too upscale and expensive for the type of establishment The Cup is.  Sandwiches, inexpensive platters and of course desserts, including ice cream, are back on the menu! 

This North End eatery has been a favorite and frequent spot for many Pottstown area residents.  When we walked in the door we immediately saw a family we know.  Once we made our way back to the dining room we saw three more couples we know.  For a moment I felt like I was at Cheers, where everybody knows your name.  In the past, many people at here once a week, or more.

There was only one item on the menu that I saw over $10.00 and that was a steak.  Most platters ranged from $6.95 to $9.95 and come with one vegetable and the soup and salad bar.  Of course sandwiches, hoagies, steaks, club sandwiches, salads and appetizers were on the menu and moderately priced as well.  There were specials on the board when you first walked in along with the regular menu items.

There were two soups, which I would say were homemade.  New England clam chowder and Italian Wedding (I think). We both had the Clam Chowder and were quite pleased.  The salad bar is small but has enough items to make a decent salad.  Rolls and butter were delivered to the table as well.

My girlfriend ordered the Chopped Steak which comes with sautéed onions and gravy.  She skipped the gravy but one of the couples we know said the gravy was good.  I ordered the Fried Haddock (two pieces) which comes with homemade tartar sauce.  We each ordered mashed potatoes as our one vegetable.

When the food came it was hot, prepared as requested and delicious.  The chopped steak was moist but not greasy.  It was a nice size!  My haddock was moist; it was not greasy nor was it over cooked.  The two pieces of fish were ample.  The mashed potatoes were instant but I didn’t expect they would be real.

The service was good.  Things were a little chaotic because they were very busy and this is the first week, however we had no complaints.  We were asked several times how the food was and did we need refills or anything else.  Everyone was friendly and attentive.

I give two Roy’s Rants thumbs up and hope business stays brisk.  I for one really missed The Cup and hope it is back to stay! 

The Cup is located at 903 N. Charlotte Street in Pottstown’s North End.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.   Breakfast is served all day.

6 comments on “The Pottstown Cup – A Review

  1. Roy,
    I read your review and I can’t believe that we ate at the same restaurant. The waitress was uniformed about anything on the menu, the salad bar was less than fresh and my food was so over salted that I couldn’t wait to get home to drink some water. And finally where was the ice cream? Isn’t that why the Cup is famous. We were told that the ice cream was too hard to scoop out.

  2. That’s a shame you had a less than satisfying experience.

    Our waitress was fine, but there is more than one. The salad bar was fine…it’s limited but there was nothing wrong with it the night we were there and our food was fine. It was very busy and a little chaotic but it was the first week they were open. They didn’t have ice cream yet when we were there. Neither of us could have eaten any because we were too full.

    I am sure they will make improvements as they go along. The old owners had that place for years and it was a well oiled machine, so I hope in time the same could be said for the new owners.

  3. Matt, thanks and sorry I took so long to reply…hectic time of the year! I did not notice any vegetarian items but we ran into friends there who were finished eating so they came over and sat with us until our food came. We were talking the whole time so we didn’t have much time to look over the menu. We are planning a return trip the week between Christmas and New Year’s so maybe I will have more time to check out the menu 🙂

  4. We went there today for dinnner I dodnt get a salad buffet and no dinner rolls and . butter maybe when you guys want their it was better but now it sucks

    • Sadly, they did away with the salad bar. The last two visits were not good…the food quality is going downhill. Not sure how much longer we will continue to go there.

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