U.S. Drivers Spend Record Amount On Gasoline In 2011

English: Pumpjack located south of Midland, TX

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American drivers this week broke a record that will bring them no joy.

They collectively spent more than $448 billion on gasoline since the beginning of the year, according to the Oil Price Information Service, putting the previous record for gas expenditures — set in 2008 — in the rearview mirror with weeks of driving still to go.

It’s also a huge jump over last year, when U.S. drivers spent more than $100 billion less on gas.

Read more: http://www.mcall.com/business/la-fi-oil-riches-20111210,0,6220055.story

2 comments on “U.S. Drivers Spend Record Amount On Gasoline In 2011

  1. A very special thanks goes to lord Obama for keeping fuel prices sky high and for raising food prices through the roof.
    I hope him and his family enjoy the million dollar tax-payer funded vacations they take every other month.While the rest of America struggle to pay bills and keep food on the table,lord Obama and his clan enjoy endless amounts of sunshine while on vacation in Hawaii,paid for by us tax payers that still are lucky to have a job.
    Don’t blame me,I voted for the old white guy who was a war hero!!

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