Former Taco Bell In Pottstown Gets Major Gut And Remodel

I don’t know what is going in here…I did hear rumors but I am not spreading them any further.  However, it does appear that something is going in here with all the work that is being done.

As you can see a big chunk of the roof is missing, all the windows have been removed etc…  There is a huge dumpster being filled up and a lot of digging going on as well.

I am glad to see that something is finally going in here!

6 comments on “Former Taco Bell In Pottstown Gets Major Gut And Remodel

  1. If it’s a Popeye’s chicken joint I might come and visit more often!!!

    I have to say that is a much better choice than a Taco Bell, never been a fan of them! I miss the stand alone KFCs and Roy Rogers – no chicken joint, IMHO, is a bad thing!!

    Personal preference aside, good news that there’s something going on there – finally!! Fingers crossed for the new owner for a successful investment in Pottstown and hopefully a positive community partner!!

  2. The only problem with Jerry’s is I can smell it from my house behind the mall…then i just want CHICKEN! Which is quickly solved!

    Glad it moved to NORCO!

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