Sonic, America’s Drive-In Is Coming To Pottstown

This is a bitter-sweet post.  I am very glad Sonic is coming to Pottstown, however, it’s more border development.  Sonic obtained a zoning change to build on the west side of Route 100, adjacent to Upland Square. 

I am happy to see that the idea of some revenue sharing is being bantered about since Pottstown is getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop on all this development.  We all benefit from development but cash strapped Pottstown is the hub of this area and needs to see some benefit other than traffic congestion.

My response to Elwood Taylor’s (Upper Pottsgrove Commissioner) rebuttal of Steve Toroney’s letter about border development, is chill out Elwood.  Steve has a valid point.  Pottstown needs to get a piece of the development pie too.  We still lost other taxes/fees from Giant and other retailers who moved to Upland Square so it’s still less money for Pottstown, even taking into consideration borough employees will still generate Earned Income Tax.  Also border development feeds urban sprawl which is something we are supposed to be trying to control.

This needs to be a win-win for everybody.  That’s supposed to be the point of having a Pottstown Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Committee.  Just sayin’ Elwood.

2 comments on “Sonic, America’s Drive-In Is Coming To Pottstown

  1. Roy, do you know if the developers in the big shopping complexes source out businesses that will be a fit with the communities they are serving? Or do the businesses express interest in the development and wala it is built? Do you know if developers ever poll a community for their ideas?

    I was just curious because while I have no bone to pick with Sonic, it seems that given the national trend towards healthier dining alternatives, Sonic isn’t…dare I say…the cream of the crop. We have lots of burger and fast food choices in and within a reasonable drive of Pottstown.

    I like a Sonic burger on occasion but my personal preference, for a change of pace, would be something like a Souper Salad found in parts of the West. It’s a giant salad bar with homemade soups. The selection is endless and it is loads of fun to create a personalized salad. They serve baked potatoes that you can “load” and all kinds of breads. There are desserts and soft serve ice cream too so it’s not nauseatingly healthy.

    Yum…nice to meet you Roy…my homemade broccoli/raisn/sunflower seed salad is sitting in the fridge and it’s calling my name.

  2. I appears that around here, looking at all the recently constructed shopping centers, there is a pattern. We see many of the same chains in Exeter, Collegeville and Pottstown’s newest shopping centers.

    I think developers have a preset notion based on demographics and relationships they have built with various chains. Seems like many of the same chains partner in shopping center after shopping center. Each has some different things but look at the key players….Giant, Target, Best Buy, Petco, LA Fitness, Sonic…okay Collegeville got a Wegman’s but you get the idea.

    Sonic is okay…the food is tasty but pretty bad nutritionally. They do have a couple wraps and salads that aren’t too bad but on the whole…fattening.

    We had a Salad Works at Coventry Mall and it lasted less than one year. Salad Works is awesome and they are usually extremely busy restaurants. Not sure what went wrong there. They had no competition in the area.

    Maybe Pottstown doesn’t send out a health food vibe? Who knows. You are right, we have too much of the same thing.

    Thanks for reading Katy and I hope you enjoyed your broccoli salad!

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