Pottstown School Board – Here We Go Again!

It has started already.  Another lopsided gang on the school board with an agenda.  A certain “tree hugger” is already wasting no time trying to get rid of the Solicitor and trying to replace him with a cronie.

Does anything ever change around here?  Do people ever learn? 

Voter turn out was very low and several people are now in key positions of authority that will keep the dysfunctional cycle intact.  Plots within plots…secret agendas…other board members already complaining about a lack of communication and being left out of the loop.

This has to stop.  What does it take to break the cycle?

Things are gonna get worse until people wise up and stop letting a handful of people run Pottstown!

Eagles Beat Falcons 34-7 In One-Sided Game

The Atlanta Falcons were no match for the Philadelphia Eagles today.  The Falcons finally scored at the very end of the game.  Kinda felt like that was a gimme.  Otherwise it would have been a total shut-out.

Michael Vick received alot of support in Atlanta.  Many people cheered and held up signs in support.  Vicki got his first NFL touchdown since returning.  Donovan got a break and stood on the sidelines.

I must say I am impressed at the amount of support Donovan McNabb is giving Michael Vick.  Looks like he is happy to share the limelight with Vick and was gave Michael a big hug after he threw the scoring pass. 

Might we see a changing of the guard here?  Time will tell.