Limerick Twp. Supervisor Gets Hat Tip For Showing Some Gumption

I am giving Limerick Township Supervisor Ken Sperring a tip of the hat for thinking outside the box and asking mega developer O’Neill Properties Group to pay the salary for an additional township police officer.

O’Neill is building another shopping center next to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Limerick featuring Costco and other stores, which will further strain the township police department.  Sperring is requesting that the developer pay the salary ($102,000 per year) for an extra police officer for the first three years after the project is completed.

Hopefully this becomes a trend!

Adam Lambert On Ellen Today

Adam Lambert was on Ellen this afternoon.  Adam still didn’t apologize but seems to have learned his lesson.  He made some concessions about his AMA performance which I thought at showed he realized his judgement was in error.  He sang the Max Martin song “What Do You Want From Me” off the new CD and did a nice job.

I found this YouTube clip of an interview Adam did which is interesting.  Take a look.  It’s less than two minutes but reveals some interesting stuff.

Tiger Woods

Looks like Tiger is going to pay a $164.00 ticket for wreckless driving and the investigation is closed.  GOOD!  

I hate how the media tries to sensationalize every single thing anymore!  It’s just ridiculous.  If we can’t find anything bad to say about someone, we make up crap.

Hopefully we can move on and cover more interesting things other than a minor car crash outside someone’s driveway.