Restaurant Review Of Chili’s Pottstown

I finally made it to Chili’s tonight.   We went early as we tried last week at 5 pm and it was a mob scene.  We arrived about 4 pm and were immediately seated.  When we left people were waiting…probably 20 – 30 minutes based on the number of people waiting.

Our waiter was very knowledgable.  He informed us about the specials and promptly took our drink order.

My girlfriend ordered the Classic Chicken Fajitas and added the black beans and rice for .99.  I order a full rack of baby back ribs (Memphis dry rub) with fries and very hot coleslaw (they did warn it was hot).

Our food came fairly quickly, our server made sure we had everything we needed and then checked back in about 10 minutes.  He brought me extra napkins, a wet nap and a bone basket without having to be asked.  He was very good about keeping my tea glass full and brought me extra sauce for my ribs when I ran out.  He was back within about two minutes with the extra sauce. 

The ribs were perfectly cooked, not fatty and juicy.  Melted in your mouth.  The chicken fajitas were also excellent.  The chicken was tender, plentiful and juicy.  The tortillas weren’t gummy either which is always a plus.  We both enjoyed our meals.

We were too full for dessert.  Their desserts are mostly chocolate and probably expensive… we were too full and opted for dessert after shopping.

The restaurant is laid out nicely.  I like it better than the KOP layout.  Everything looked great and ran smoothly.  Good first impression.

Highly recommend!

Out Of Control Children In Public

Why do some parents think it’s acceptable to allow their child to disrupt other people while they are trying to eat in a restaurant???  This brat  child was hanging over the divider and basically yelling in the ears of a couple who were trying to enjoy a meal.  The child was also taking decorations off the divider, including a faux poinsettia, while the mother totally ignored this inappropriate behavior.

Personally, I would have found the manager and let him/her deal with the problem.  Not sure how those people could even hear each other talk.  This went on for 20 minutes until the mother’s friend took matters into her own hands.

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I blame the parent, not the child!