Review of Avatar

That was the fastest three hours I have spent in a movie theater in a long time.  I was left wanting more, more, more.

We opted not to do 3D and I am glad we didn’t.  It was visually stimulating or stunning enough in digital.

The movie is The Emerald Forest meets Star Wars.  Avatar was filmed in New Zealand which has incredible scenery.  The plot is compelling.  It’s not just a lot of computer generated tricks.  The characters are developed pretty well and you definitely take sides as the film progresses.

I won’t give anything away but IMHO this is a movie to buy, keep and watch over and over.  James Cameron out did himself.    The hype doesn’t even begin to do the movie justice and the trailers are nothing compaired to the actual movie.

The ending leaves the door open for another adventure!  I hope so anyway.

Two thumbs up!


I am off to see Avatar.  Of course, since I have an opinion about everything, a review will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow!   I hope this movie lives up to the hype.   The snippets they are showing look incredible!  James Cameron’s movies are usually awesome so… off I go.