Gateway Clipper Employee Jumps Into Monongahela River, Dies

10259844_10152543533712792_17013999446815402_nAn employee of the Gateway Clipper Fleet died early Sunday when he inexplicably jumped into the Monongahela River for a swim.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man as Sean Gittins, 23. Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Sonya Toler said he was with a group of people who went to a bar and returned to a boat at Station Square. He decided he wanted to go for a swim and jumped in. Gittins soon had problems in the water.

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One comment on “Gateway Clipper Employee Jumps Into Monongahela River, Dies

  1. Anyone who would understand that the rivers in and around Pittsburgh have very strong currents.If you are going to swim in one of the rivers, don’t go too far from the river’s edge.Whatever you do,don’t jump into the river from a boat. You would have no chance against these currents in these waters. This guy used NO common sense.
    If you want to swim, there are more than enough pools to satisfy you need.

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