Superintendent’s Resignation Stuns Pottstown School Board

Editor’s note:  I am unfortunately not surprised by this.  I am guessing this is just another person who is tired of banging his/her head against “the proverbial wall” trying to make things better for Pottstown.  The assembly flap might have been the last straw but there is more to this than just one incident. 

Maybe it’s the constant barrage of criticism being lobbed by the Fishwrap at community leaders that helps push them out of town.  People like Jason Bobst and Reed Lindley always have other options.  After a while, no matter how good someone’s intentions are, people reach a saturation point and “walk away” to save what’s left of their sanity.

It’s a vicious cycle in Pottstown.  My condolences to the new Borough Manager and Superintendent of Schools.

POTTSTOWN, PA — Reed Lindley stunned the school board and the community Thursday night by resigning as superintendent, effective immediately.

Lindley, who was not present for the regular board meeting, submitted his letter of resignation to the board, citing only “personal reasons” for his decision.

Following a 30-minute, closed-door executive session at the opening of the meeting, a somber-faced school board returned to the meeting room and unanimously accepted his resignation.

The resignation comes on the heels of community outrage over a three-hour assembly at Pottstown High School in which a speaker extolling the virtues of entrepreneurship also challenged students to sell coffee to compete for an iPad.

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3 comments on “Superintendent’s Resignation Stuns Pottstown School Board

  1. Really. Pottstown will survive all of this and more because we are a tough nut to crack. But I’ll tell you Roy, I smelled “mass hysteria” in the wind when the article came out about the assembly. It doesn’t take much to fan the fires of suspicion here or anywhere. I am disappointed that the initial article contained so little information, in terms of an objective look at the organization behind the assembly, and perhaps, even an effort to speak with other parents whose children may have learned something from the presentation and ….dare I say….possibly even enjoyed it. I support innovation and understand that sometimes it isn’t perfect, so back to the drawing board – DON’T STOP TRYING.

    Although I intuit that Reed’s departure has nothing to do with this anyway, it’s kind of made to look that way, and no matter – he will be missed. Tip O’ The Hat to you Mr. Lindley!!!

  2. WOW!!!

    I just heard about this and am now going to go read the article about it; I stopped here first, as always, to get the unbiased reporting (THX, Roy:)). As you state, Roy, I can’t say that this surprises me too much. Vicious cycle does sum it up, nicely.

    I have ONLY the highest respect for Dr. Lindley and know that whatever the personal reasons were, they were justified. I can ONLY wish him well and hope that he knows he has made a difference in my life and taught me some VERY valuable lessons during his time at PSD. I will, forever, be grateful to have shared some laughs with him and know that I am a more informed person, parent and citizen for having known him!! To me, this is a loss of significant proportion to the PSD and community!! If I were still there I would be devastated. Sitting where I am, presently, it makes me sad to know his leadership is gone – especially so suddenly!

    I know the helm of PSD will be reshaped, especially when Dr. Sparagana leaves in January and I wish the board well as they begin to recreate a strong leadership for the district – they have much to do and consider, carefully, now faced with this task!!

    Dr. Lindley, if you read this, my sincerest wishes for continued success, a happy life and a kick-a$$ retirement (if that’s what you choose to do)! You have been, to me, an amazing resource of information, inspiration and a nice chap to get to know! Thank you for the time, over the years, to answer questions, discuss issues and and always end on a positive note! I know you will be missed – heck, I miss you from Harleysville!! Be happy! Be well! May my deepest respect and gratitude follow you in whatever you do!


  3. Golden, I think the Fishwrap’s reporting made it look like Dr. Lindley threw in the towel over the assembly with their speculative wording. Muckraking as usual.

    Steph, I agree it’s a huge loss because of his involvement with so many other significant Pottstown organizations, along with PSD. Your comments were very nice and I hope they make their way back Dr. Lindley. I think he could use a few words of encouragement right about now. We agree wholeheartedly with your comments about Dr. Lindley!

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