4 comments on “Pittsburgh, One Of America’s Most Green And Beautiful Cities

  1. Oh LOOKY…

    a convention center by the river and a former mayor of Pittsburgh who, along with other members of the Urban Land Institute, encouraged Pottstown to make magic along their riverfront.

  2. Olive, you are the observant one 🙂 I have to wonder why all these other communities leverage their waterfronts and good ole Pottstown keeps missing the boat (no pun intended). We might as well use the ULI report as a bird cage liner for all the more we pay attention to it.

  3. Careful or we might get someone miffed. Having attended IUP, Pittsburgh’s got a special place in my heart. Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of this kind of movement here at home (not to mention a piece of the pie Scranton’s got baking!).

    • HAHA, we wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart or anything, now would we ;)? I was born in Pittsburgh. I lived in and around Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley several times during my life, so I feel the same way MB. The Scranton story is pretty amazing…it just goes to show that even in this economy money is still available to do great things. No reason why Pottstown can’t fullfill its potential either.

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