Thomas Hylton Is Astonished By Plans To Add Classrooms To Pottstown Elementary Schools

The Grand Poobah of the Pottstown School Board, Thomas Hylton seems to suffer from convenient memory loss.  After carefully reading Evan Brandt’s account of the latest school board meeting, I found this quote by Numero Uno Responsible Citizen, Thomas Hylton rather humorous.

“Our first responsibility,” Hylton said, “is the economic viability of this community and, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is astonishing to me that we are thinking of adding extra classrooms to our elementary schools.”  

This cow patty of wisdom from the number one Rupert-lover himself.  What about the architecturally correct windows and geothermal heating and cooling that Responsible Tom proposed for Rupert?  Now suddenly we’re “astonished” that we want to add classrooms to house the Edgewood students.  Should we educate them on the lawn, Tom?

The Middle School would need to be retrofitted to segregate the elementary students from the middle school students.  That will cost money as well.  It was made abundantly clear by the parents of elementary students that they do not want their children mixed in with the middle school population.  I guess Tom forgot about the community outrage when he proposed putting 5th grade in the Middle School during his heyday as Neighborhood Schools Potentate.

I think somebody needs some Ginkgo biloba or the wifey needs to take better notes at meetings.

2 comments on “Thomas Hylton Is Astonished By Plans To Add Classrooms To Pottstown Elementary Schools

  1. I don’t understand some things, first, several years ago, after Jefferson School was closed, there was a push to build a new elementary school at High and Evans. Mr. Hylton and Mr. Wolf led that crusade. Then when my daughter was at Rupert going into the 6 th grade, the modulars arrived. Only asTEMPORARY classrooms until the middle school was renovated. Why are they still there? Then there is the Edgewood school. First there was a movement to save it, lead by Mr. Hylton, now they want to close it. Then the save Rupert movement.
    Last year my father died and we had to sell his house. It is located in North Coventy. I was trying to decide if I should sell my home here in Pottstown, and buy his from the estate, or just sell his. On the advise of our lawyer, who is in Pottstown, it would be a lot easier to sell the North Coventry home because of the quality of Owen J. Roberts school district vs Pottstown. That proved to be the right decision. The house sold. Our real estate broker told us that Owen J school district was , to quote her, “a very positive selling point”.
    I have brought this up many times, you don’t have to live in Pottstown to work or shop, but you must to send your kids to school. Once the school improves, then people will want to live here.

  2. Mike, your post says it all! Very insightful. The leadership has to understand this point. The school district and the borough need to work together to create a better school district and a safer environment to attract new residents and retain the current ones! Quality of life can’t be overstated and revitalization won’t happen until Pottstown is attractive and desirable to residents, business and industry, like the surrounding townships.

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