Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Released

A British coroner ruled that Amy Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning.  “Death by misadventure” was the result of having a blood alcohol level five times over the legal drunk-driving limit.  Ms. Winehouse had “fallen off the wagon” shortly before her death and had begun drinking heavily after a period of sobriety.  Ms. Winehouse was 27-years-old.

2 comments on “Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Released

  1. This comes as no surprise that Amy Whitehouse died from too much booze.We have seen so many young people die this way and it is so sad.
    I don’t want to sound religious,these people really need GOD in their lives.
    They are looking for something to make them feel complete and they are looking in the wrong place.The booze and drugs can not and will not complete anyone’s lives.What they need is for them to have a relationship with GOD and ask JESUS to come into their hearts and change them.
    It’s that simple.

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