Albert Boscov: Reading School Board Should Honor 2006 Tax Deal

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editor’s note:  We ask the members of the school board not the be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Do the right thing for Reading’s revitalization.  Honor the deal!

Albert Boscov wants the Reading School District to hold up its part of the deal.

Back in 2006, Reading School Board members – along with city and county officials – agreed to a plan to reduce property taxes for the then-proposed GoggleWorks Apartments.  But now that the complex at Second and Washington streets is open, a problem has popped up.

It turns out, Our City Reading, which spearheaded the project, never officially finalized the tax deals.

Boscov has met with school district, city and county officials in hopes of getting current officials to sign off on the tax breaks their predecessors agreed to.  He attended Monday night’s Reading School Board meeting to reiterate his plea.

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Tax-Exempt Organization Changes – Pottstown Organizations Check The List!

Below is a list of 52 Pottstown tax-exempt organizations that are in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt staus unless they follow the IRS guidelines in the link below by October 15th.  Failure to comply will result in your organization losing their tax-exempt status!,,id=225889,00.html

List of Pottstown organizations:

23-7095096 AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS POTTSGROVE 2156                        2156 AFT                            POTTSGROVE HIGH SCHOOL              POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-2398
23-6401284 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY                                              47 GEORGE A AMOLE                   MAPLEWOOD DR APT D 1 MAPLE GARDENS  POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000
23-2630661 ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS LADIES                                     2 DIV NOTRE DAME MONT CO PA         125 HARLEY RD                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-8213
36-3459479 ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS LADIES                                     6 DIV MONTGOMERY CNTY PA            1036 SOUTH ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5864
20-5288304 AT LIBETY                                                                                                  1354 S HANOVER ST                   POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7684
23-2113640 BERT BELL MEMORIAL FOOTBALL CONFERENCE INC                                                                 1590 CHESTNUT HILL RD               POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7844
23-7408626 BNAI BRITH INTERNATIONAL                                               2925 POTTSTOWN AREA                 973 KENNY RD                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-2813
23-3048726 BOXING CLUB FOR KIDS                                                                                       213 E HIGH ST APT 4                 POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5530
31-1559898 BRIGHT HOPE RESIDENT MANAGEMENT CORP                                                                       487 W BUTTONWOOD ST                 POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-6603
25-1826844 CAMP EAGLES NEST                                                                                           2531 SAINT PETERS RD                POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-8842
38-3693068 CHRISTINA MARIE TODD MEMORIAL FUND                                                                         1451 S KEIM ST                      POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7681
23-1307707 DANA EMPLOYEES AID ASSOCIATION OF POTTSTOWN                                                                125 S KEIM ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-6007
23-2786592 DELAWARE VALLEY ORACLE USERS GROUP INC                                                                     2468 SAINT PETERS RD                POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-8843
23-1257218 EAST COVENTRY MENNONITE CEMETERS ASSOC                                                                     38 SAVAGE RD                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7950
20-5661067 FAMILY SOLUTIONS                                                                                           237 MASTER ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-3927
23-2908078 FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES                                              626 AUX                             924 SOUTH ST                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-6022
23-6262433 FREE & ACCEPTED MASONS OF PENNSYLVANIA                                 553 SPRING CITY LODGE               832 E HIGH ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5731
23-0359705 GEORGE A AMOLE POST HOME ASSN INC                                                                          57 N FRANKLIN ST                    POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5657
23-6425732 HIGH TWELVE INTERNATIONAL                                              321 POTTSGROVE                      87 N ROLAND ST                      POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-4942
23-2282413 IMPROVED BENEVOLENT & PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS OF THE WORLD            917 MARY ESTHER TEMPLE              605 WALNUT ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5713
23-6429802 KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL                                                 H83587 POTTSTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 750 N WASHINGTON ST                 POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-4748
65-1284880 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS                                                    14090 ST THOMAS MORE COUNCIL        2021 YOUNG RD                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-8652
23-1651114 KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                        71 NATIVITY                         KING AND FRANKLIN                   POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000
23-2241885 MID EASTERN PENNSULVANIA CLINICAL INSTRUMENTATION SOCIETY                                                  1200 S CEDAR CREST BLVD BOX 689     POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000
23-7162081 MONTGOMERY COUNTY CLUBMENS ASSOCIATION                                                                     458 BELMONT ST                      POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5125
20-0552986 NANCY DAY WEEBER SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                                          513 E HIGH ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5677
23-6392162 OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL                                                 02250 POTTSTOWN PA                  83 CEDAR ST                         POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-4905
23-2710728 PARTNERS FOR SAFETY                                                                                        2110 N PLEASANTVIEW RD              POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-2248
23-2265932 POTTSGROVE GIRLS SOFTBALL ASSOCIA- TION                                                                    1481 FARMINGTON AVE                 POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-1852
22-6628041 POTTSTOWN AREA UNITED WAY FOUNDATION                                                                       360 KING ST                         POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5641
23-1491241 POTTSTOWN C I O JOINT PROPERTY COMM                                                                        1304 HIGH ST                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-4993
23-7006396 POTTSTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE INC                                                                           767 BEECH ST                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5758
23-2707101 POTTSTOWN PARKS & RECREATION FOUNDATION BOARD INC                                                          BEECH AND PENN STS                  POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000
23-2092543 PRANA YOGA CENTRE                                                                                          PO BOX 404                          POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0404
23-2109331 PTA PENNSYLVANIA CONGRESS                                              RUPERT PTA INC                      1341 SOUTH ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5069
06-1746211 PURE LOVE WORKS                                                                                            1535 SCHWENK RD                     POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-1507
20-1959684 RED KNIGHTS INTL FIREFIGHTERS MTRCYCLE CLUB PA CHAP 17 POTTSTOWN       PENNSYLVANIA 17                     1137 S HANOVER ST                   POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7633
20-1523764 REDEEMING LOVE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY                                                                          1430 UNIONVILLE RD                  POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7117
56-2303452 RICKETTS COMMUNITY COLLABORATIVE                                                                           640 BEECH ST                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5759
23-2336303 ROAD RUNNERS CLUB OF AMERICA                                           POTTSTOWN PACER ROADRUNNERS         1039 TIMBER LN                      POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-2913
93-1225740 ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER OF PENNSYLVANIA                                     400 KEYSTONE FREI MAUER MARK LODGE  1455 SUNSET DR                      POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5021
23-1104203 SOCIETA DIMUTUO SMS MARIA ASSUNTA LODGE                                                                    379 CHERRY ST                       POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5942
23-6289693 SOL & NAOMI BERMAN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION                                                                   952 BRIAR LN                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-2839
23-2970782 SPORTSMENS BEAGLE CLUB INC                                                                                 908 CHERRY HILL LN                  POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7840
30-0236852 THE OLEY YODER HERITAGE ASSOCIATION INC                                                                    415 STATE ST                        POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5116
22-2719215 THE RUSTIC FIVE HUNTING CLUB                                                                               993 CHERRY HILL LN                  POTTSTOWN              PA 19465-7847
58-2678590 TRILOGY PARK PARENT ASSOCIATION                                                                            361 N FRANKLIN ST                   POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-5370
23-2897392 UNISON FOR CHRIST OUTREACH MINISTRY INC                                                                    PO BOX 963                          POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0856
23-1382904 UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS & JOINERS OF AMERICA WELFARE          FUND-2131                           1 THOMPSON BLDG                     POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000
23-2842245 UNIVERSAL SUPPORT ASSOCIATES INC                                                                           232 HIGH ST                         POTTSTOWN              PA 19464-0000