McKeesport OKs Taking Vacant Homes Via Eminent Domain

Map of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United ...

Map of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States with township and municipal boundaries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McKeesport is expanding its vacant property recovery program to include parcels with structures.

Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the transfer of 10 properties to the Redevelopment Authority of the City of McKeesport through eminent domain. Parcels include empty lots and those with houses on them: 2718 Grandview Ave.; 621 Versailles Ave.; 1106 Ohio St.; 2105 Harrison St.; 2701 Riverview Ave.; 415, 417, 421 and 423 Twenty-Seventh Ave.; and 281 Rockwood St.

“This is another way to tackle the blight problem we have in the city,” Mayor Michael Cherepko said. “This process has typically been used to acquire vacant land adjacent to other properties. We’re now opening it to properties with structures on them when the purchaser has a plan.”

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One comment on “McKeesport OKs Taking Vacant Homes Via Eminent Domain

  1. McKeesport, the armpit of Allegheny county.
    This city has a blight problem because Demo-rats have been running it for more than 40 years. The voters are stupid enough to continue to vote demo-rats as council and mayor.”Leadership” has never brought in business that was lost when all the steel mills closed back in the early 80’s. There are people that still live there that believe steel mills, and union jobs will come back. Problem is, the sites where the steel mills once stood are now shopping malls and a waterpark.
    Can’t fix stupid.

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