Friends Of Pottstown Public Education Seek Your Vote On May 17th

A group of five dedicated people are seeking your vote in the Pennsylvania Primary Election next Tuesday, May 17th.  Michele Pargeon, Amy Bathurst Francis, Mary-Beth Lydon, Andrew Kefer and Judyth Zahora are running as a team for election to the Pottstown School Board.

Their motto, “A New Perspective Built On Experience” means this group of candidates supports public education aka the Pottstown School District.  Listening, making children the first priority, making sure good teachers are fairly paid, ensuring our schools are safe, ensuring the school district has the tools it needs to get the job done, understanding education and giving taxpayers, parents and children a strong voice are what this group will bring to the table.

These people recognize that the Pottstown School District and the Borough of Pottstown are linked and must work together for economic development and the betterment of our community.  If one sneezes the other caches cold.  The borough and school district must work together if Pottstown is to turn the corner.  This group will ensure that the forward momentum in an era of new found cooperation between the borough and school district continues.

The right team for Pottstown School Board!

4 comments on “Friends Of Pottstown Public Education Seek Your Vote On May 17th

  1. Thank you Roy for raising awareness of these great community leaders. I will certainly be voting for them because we really do need caring, dedicated, team-playing school board officials who care about our children’s education.

    Don’t forget to visit their website for more information:

  2. Thank you Roy for the information. Is it just me, or do I see more info in the Mercury about other town’s elections and not Pottstown’s. Did I miss a Mercury article about all of the candidates for Pottstown’s school board? Thank you for all the great information.

  3. I understand that The Mercury will be having an article on Pottstown’s election and candidates in Sunday’s edition.

  4. Thank you Roy. It’s about time for cooperation and communication. It is time to all move in the same direction.


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