Celebrity Endorsement Insurance

Looks like everyone’s favorite sex addict, Tiger Woods has started a precedent on Madison Avenue.  Companies are looking for ways to protect themselves when their spokesperson, for example, has sex with dozens of people, ruins his/her reputation and gives the company they represent a black eye with consumers.

Companies are also starting to add morals clauses into contracts for celebrity endorsers so they can drop them like the proverbial “hot potato” if you have a lapse in judgement.

Tiger In Sex Rehab

Is it just me or do y’all find this whole thing bizarre.

First of all, sex rehab in Hattiesburg, MS…not sure exactly where a sex rehab clinic should be… but Mississippi????

Secondly, what the heck is sex rehab, exactly?  People are unable keep their zipper up and all of a sudden it is an addiction and not their fault they are a skank???  Are we enabling these people?  First David Duchovney, now Tiger Woods.

Maybe I am just too old for all this nonsense but it all just seems too much to comprehend.

Tiger Woods Humor

My friend Tony wrote this on his facebook page:

I’m so disappointed and mad! Don’t buy Tiger Woods’ DVD “My best 18 holes” Turns out it’s about golf……


Tiger Woods

I am on the record as being officially SICK of Tiger Woods and his infidelities being covered in depth every night on television!

I hope he does leave the country.

Yahoo And Tiger Woods

Evidently Tiger Woods and his unfolding sex scandel have helped to brighten Yahoo’s 4th Quarter bottom line.  Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz stated that Tiger Woods has brought more traffic to Yahoo than Michael Jackson’s death and the publicity dog and pony show that ensued.  Carol went as far as to say “God Bless Tiger” to express her delight with the traffic he has generated.

So Obama might want to explore the use of celebrity misfortune and sex scandels as part of his economic stimulus plan since the .com world seems to benefit from the publics “need to know”.

Interesting by-product.  Tiger’s need for stimulation helps stimulate the economy.  Who knew sex addiction could save jobs!?!

David Letterman And Tiger Woods

Is it just me or does David Letterman telling Tiger Woods jokes seem oddly out of place and not funny.  I don’t think David Letterman is funny to begin with.  Actually, I think he is bitter, but that’s another rant.  The whole situation grosses me out.  They are both disgusting people.

I think Letterman should zip it when it comes to other people’s sex scandels.  Just sayin…..

Tiger Woods

Looks like Tiger is going to pay a $164.00 ticket for wreckless driving and the investigation is closed.  GOOD!  

I hate how the media tries to sensationalize every single thing anymore!  It’s just ridiculous.  If we can’t find anything bad to say about someone, we make up crap.

Hopefully we can move on and cover more interesting things other than a minor car crash outside someone’s driveway.