Macabre Dumping Grounds Amid A Storm-Altered Landscape

English: Looking southeast on a sunny spring a...

English: Looking southeast on a sunny spring afternoon in western Forest_Park_(Queens) along abandoned Rockaway_Beach_Branch at Myrtle Avenue overpass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A forester working for New York City’s parks department made a horrifying discovery last week, beside a huge pile of fallen trees destined for the wood chipper.

A dead man.

And with that discovery, add this to the huge list of troubles Hurricane Sandy has brought to the neighborhoods of the city hit hardest: wreckage from the storm seems to have created inviting spots for killers to dump bodies.

Hours after the discovery, in Forest Park in Queens, a second body was found on storm-ravaged Rockaway Beach. Workers cleaning up around O’Donohue Park heard a shriek of fright from one of their own, standing over a dune near the shoreline. There, a man’s elbow protruded from the cold sand.

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