Reading Water Authority Bills Include $95 Whammy

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsyl...

A 1947 topographic map of the Reading, Pennsylvania area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With little advance notice to customers, the Reading Area Water Authority’s regular water and sewer bills mailed last week contained an extra $95 charge for city trash and recycling, and a demand that the charge be paid by month’s end lest penalties be imposed.

The move left Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer’s administration and the authority doing damage control, answering complaints by people who say they can’t pay the unexpected bill on time.

And it fueled City Council’s anger that Spencer shut it out of the process, then mishandled the planning.

“It’s outrageous,” customer Sandy Burkhart told council Monday.  “The city should think of us poor people who have nothing.”

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Pottstown Fails To Collect Past Due Balances

These kinds of stories make me want to bang my head on the computer desk until I black out.

1. Pottstown has no money.  

2. People owe all kinds of money. 

3. We find out that the collection rate is 30%! 

Why you ask? 

Because borough staff has failed to provide the collection agency with past due bills!  Evidently when someone leaves, things “drop off”  OMG!!!!!!!!!!  Makes me wanna shove a pen in my eye!

Thankfully Councilman Dan Weand is now watching over this process!  Makes me feel better!

Why then do we need to create another position Pottstown can not afford to ensure the Finance Dept focuses on sewer and water bills?  One would think any source of revenue would be a priority?????

Get it together people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where are the checks and balances in our municipal government??

Stop giving townships a free pass on overdue bills as well.  If you use water and/or sewer you must pay for it.  Plain and simple!  This is not a popularity contest, it is a business that runs on money collected from taxpayers.  Please use it wisely!