Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize ????

So everbody is scratching their heads over this one.  I have read a good deal of  commentary thus far but like this article in the New York Post best. 

File this under things that make you go hmmmmmm….what where these people thinking!!!!  It appears to be the same group that voted Norway is swell and better than the USA!  I say go chew some whale blubber and shut it!


According To The UN Quality Of Life List Norway Is # 1

Give me a freakin’ break!!! Norway!!! Right…it’s freezing cold, the location sucks and there is nothing to do unless you like ice fishing and chewing on whale blubber.  Do they have the Eagles!?!  I think NOT!  HA!  Who would want to live there.  No hoagies, soft pretzels, Tastykakes, Entenmann’s, Wawa, Flyers, 76er’s and this list goes on and on.

The population of Norway roughly equals the state of Colorado and it has a land mass slightly larger than Wyoming.  The capital and largest city Oslo is a tad smaller than Boston.  There are four other cities with over 100,000 people.  The state of Pennsylvania has 12 million people and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area contains a larger population than the entire COUNTRY of Norway.  And again I must point out they have no hoagies or Eagles football.

The United States is 13th!!! We were beat out by Iceland and Australia.  Iceland!!! WTF!  Did they pass around a crack pipe before voting?!? 

I think the UN should move to Norway if it’s so awesome there.  Good riddance!