Kate Gets The Boot From Dancing With The Stars

I do not watch DWTS but you do not have to be living under a rock to know Kate Gosselin was a contestant on the show.

Finally, Kate was voted off the island last night.  There are no depths that this woman won’t sink to in the effort to self-promote and make a buck.  Evidently her dancing skills are lacking from many reports around the internet.

But have no fear, we haven’t seen the last of Kate yet.  Now she can devote her full attention to her new reality show on TLC

Good Lord, deliver us!

Kate Gosselin – She’s Back!

Egads!!  What I feared most has happened.  Fame whore Kate Gosselin is getting her OWN reality show.  It will just feature Kate…sans kids. 

Evidently TLC (The Loco Channel) is putting her back on the airwaves later this year.  As of this writing the show has no title but Kate will be thrown into different jobs to see how she does.  LORD HAVE MERCY!

Somebody is stretching her 15 minutes way past the expiration date!