Heidi And Spencer Pratt Top Time Magazine’s Least Influential People List

I can hardly type from laughing so hard over this massive slap in the face to the two most annoying and self-important people on planet Earth.  Two more deserving cretins could not have been selected to receive this infamous designation by Time Magazine.  For once I agree with them!

Heidi’s album flopped (surprise), she had massive plastic surgery (for no apparent reason) and now The Hills is cancelled after this season.  Time to fade back into obscurity again.  This is what happens when you are famous for being someone else’s friend, then you diss them and ruin the friendship by marrying a complete sociopath.   You may recall the sex tape scandal Spencer started about Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills.  A big “I told you so” from Lauren to Heidi and a muhahahahaha from me.

I call that karma!

MTV’s The Hills Is Cancelled – Season 6 To Be The Merciful End

In a totally NOT surprising turn of events, less than one season after Lauren Conrad’s departure, The Hills is cancelled.

Nobody is interested in creepy Spencer & Heidi, that nasty Kristin Cavallari bitch person or the rest of the pathetic collection of wannabees and losers that remained behind after Lauren’s departure.

When Lauren rode off into the sunset after Heidi & Spencer’s train-wreck wedding at the end of Episode 510…that was the end of the show.  Only nobody bothered to tell MTV.

Jon And Kate – Two People I Hate

OMG and WTF is up with these two??  Can somebody make them go away and take Miley Cyrus along while you are at it!!!!  The three most annoying people on the friggin’ planet and possibly the entire galaxy. 

Throw in King Spencer Pratt and his lovely wife Heidi I love Jesus but pose for Playboy Montag and we can have a party.  I say put them all in the same rocket and aim it at the sun. 

Ryan Seacrest is right… I think we should not only tase Heidi but the whole damn lot of these celebutards.